Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dare to...

Ask for what you want
Believe in yourself
Change your mind
Do what you love
Enjoy each and every day
Follow your heart's desire
Give more than you receive
Have a sense of humor
Insist on being yourself
Join in more
Kiss and make up
Love and be loved
Make new friends
Nurture your spirit
Overcome adversity
Play more
Question conformity
Reach for the stars
Speak the truth
Take personal responsibility
Understand more, judge less
Volunteer your time
Walk through fear
Xperience the moment
Yearn for grace
Be Zany
My pal, Sue Brown gave me a copy of this writing
done by Meiji Stewart.
If there was ever advice I would give to a younger generation
or anyone I love, it would be these ABC's to dare to.
It is all I want to believe in, in a nutshell.
I try to do all of these and it helps to have it all
in one place to remember.
Post this some where that you can look at it daily.
Post it where your children can read it while brushing
their teeth, like on their bathroom mirror.
Children cannot read these ABC's enough.
My favorites?
Do what you love
Make new friends
Question conformity
Have a sense of humor,
Have a sense of humor,
and did I say,
Have a sense of humor?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Transplant day.

Sweet Anna the 10 year old trooper
who I have blogged about a few times
over the last week, is having her bone
marrow transplant today.
She is very ill today from the irradiation
and chemotherapy that is needed to get ready
for the precious marrow of a perfect stranger.
Kuddos to the stranger who matched this child.
Kuddos to all the people who joined the marrow
bank so as to see if they were a match for Anna.
I wanted to join the bank but because I had cancer
in the past, I was not able to join the ranks.
Seems silly to me, but I guess they can't take any chances
when going through such a detailed process.
Today will be the first day of the rest of Anna's life.
Yet her road will be long, her road will be painful.
In the end, she will be a survivor and live to tell her
story, to make a difference in the world.
I will wear my BANANAS FOR ANNA
bracelet today and every day until
Anna is home with her family where every
10 year old child belongs.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Just inspiration this morning

Just this quote this morning, to think about, to contemplate...
Prayers for Anna Martin who remains at Vanderbilt, getting
her bone marrow transplant this week.
This week I refuse to believe that there is nothing
we, as women, cannot do.
Happy week to all of you!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

The bean....

Having a baby is a funny thing as all need to make the
"She looks so much like Katie"
"I see all Roddie in her"
The facts when it comes to the bean is
sometimes she looks like KD and sometimes she looks like
Baby boy...
Yet, I see more of KD in her than baby boy.
She is what I call a "combo" baby.
Combinations of two families.
This is KD as a baby,
Jillybean definitely has the shape of her mommy's eyes
and her mommy's hair color.
She is going to walk early as her mommy did too.
KD walked at 9 months, Roddie at 11 months,
she may beat both of them as she pulls up on everything
and now decided she wants to let go.
She was 6 months on the 13th of September,
she is a bulldozer, nothing can stop her from what she wants.
This is Baby boy at the bean's age.
Sorry for the funny face, it is the only one I could find
at the age of JB...
so cute!!!!
Jillybean for sure, has his head size....
and his ears, they are small but shaped just like his...
She has his pretty lips...
And here is the product of the baby that those other two
babies made. A "combo" baby.
The most beautiful and funny baby I know...
I sound so much like a Mumsie right there!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the stories a 5 year old can tell...

I am in the middle of hearing and vision screenings
at my school. Although it can be tedious and mundane,
when testing the little ones, you just never know what
you are going to hear.
It also gives me one on one time with each of the students
so it actually is one of my favorite things to do.
In conversation with a 5 year old:
Red is my part, blue is his
If this is not funny enough,
as he talks about his mommy popping out a baby
he takes both hands and pinches his belly as
though he is popping a big zit.
The other part that makes it funny is that as far as
his teacher knows, his mother is not pregnant.
Oh what a funny day that was!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Death of a child

Death, ugh.... such a weird thing
when you really start thinking deeply about
the afterworld.
Yesterday a young man, who I have not seen in
many, many years died in a car accident.
Baby girl and his sister were friends when
we first moved to Thibodaux back in 2003.
Their friendship was not long-lived but
for that short time, her family was close and important
to us. This morning, I think about his mother
and how in the heck do you get past that?
I know people do, I have seen other parents loose children
and although, their lives are lived with an empty space in
their heart, they are never the same again,
somehow they find a way to continue on.
I mean what other choices do you have?
The death of one of my children, or a child in my
big family would throw me badly.
Last night baby girl and I are texting about this
and she tells me she is sad about it.
Of course she is, for a short time he was a pesky
little brother of a friend of hers.
I find myself not really knowing what to say to comfort her.
I tell her that I too am saddened about it.
I tell her I am going to say some prayers for all of them.
She is not too sure how she feels about prayers and
all of her feelings about the afterlife but I offer
a suggestion to her.
"I know you struggle with your beliefs in prayer but
offer a few up for them....
just in case it does give them some type of peace.
I love you baby guh"
I do believe this, parents who do not believe in God and prayer
must struggle getting over a death of their child much
more than those who know OUR FATHER will take care of
their child.
I also believe this,
God does not believe in atheism, therefore it does not exist.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

September is Childhood cancer awareness month

Right now, this moment,
I am following a 10 year old girl on carepages
who is battling Leukemia as I write.
Her cousin is a teacher at my school and back when
she and her family began this journey,
her cousin, Amanda, asked me to follow her
and leave words of encouragement when I could.
Anna lives in Tennessee and right now finds herself
at Vanderbilt, awaiting her bone marrow transplant
at the same hospital I visited just a few years ago.
Her mother today reminds all that the month of September
is childhood cancer awareness month.
She explains the statistic of 46/7.
Every hour 46 children are diagnosed with some form of
childhood cancer while 7 children earn their wings,
are taken from this Earth.
I can't even imagine her fears as she puts that statistic on paper.
It also, once again, reminds me of just what a lucky person
I am as I am sure those stats. were worse in the 60's.
Today my words are encouragement to Anna's mom and
are something to the effect of:
If you can, in any way this month,
donate something to the cause in the month of September!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Smorgasbord of pictures

I Haven't been taking nor posting as many pictures
as I used to since I am back in the work force.
So today is a smorgasbord.
A new app. for my Iphone has me loving what
I can do instead of just regular pictures.
This one was taken last weekend with the doodlecam
as I visited in Carencro with Cami-girl.
It was such a fun weekend, hanging with Miki in his own space,
with his friends and Rosie...
Miki's highschool friend, Rene' has these three jewels of children.
Jade, Jason and DJ
Her story is one that would bring tears
to most of y'all eyes and yet she smiles always,
counts her blessings by the minutes and never forgets
to always see the good in life.
I love her as I love all her kiddies...
Oh and check out Sayra's baby bump that can't even be called
a bump anymore, more like a bulge... sorry, Sayra!
Had to also try out the doodlecam app. on the bean, of course.
I love this one that makes all pictures look like a
cool painting.
Jade's little boy, Jason ignored me for the first few hours
we were together then his mother made him shut off the
video games and he realized that not only did "that ol' lady"
have an Iphone but she also had some pretty cool apps.
and then, well lets just say, we became best of friends.
This picture was taken about two weekends ago.
This little cutie, is Melissa (KD's cousins) little boy, Carter.
He is a mere 3 months older than Jillybean and already does
not look like a baby and is just a big sweetheart.
This picture makes me happy for many reasons.
I saved baby boy's high chair for many years, dragged it to all the
homes we ever had, stored it in many attics even when HOBL
said I needed to get rid of it. I am so glad I did.
My dream was for one day to have his own children use it.
I can't tell you how happy I was when KD not only asked if she
could have it but refurbish it. She did a fantastic job
making it the perfect chair for the bean!
... and of course...
the new wheels that HOBL has bought me.
Okay I know simple things impress me and I really did not
think I needed blue tooth.
Yet I am so darn impressed with the fact that this vehicle
knows how to call everyone on my Iphone.
I teased my sisters.
I called them from the car and told them that
the vehicle is so smart that when I told the vehicle
to call my sista, it asked "Which one"
well, of course, that got a big laugh.
I cannot wait to go on an adventure today with
sister, C in the new wheels.
Happy Saturday to all.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Excitement of a new vehicle today!!!

Everyone who knows my HOBL knows he is
very frugal. Yet, when he makes up his mind to
do something, it will be done right away.
My blowout this weekend I think scared him
and so he is now convinced that I can no longer
drive that vehicle and it can't wait until he gets home
on Thursday. A sports car is also not good for a back
and someone who finds herself very close to 50.
Today, I get a new vehicle. Going to
trade that sports vehicle in
for a compact SUV with the name of a Hyundai Tucson.
HOBL against his normal ways, upgraded the vehicle
with extra amenities so I could get the color I wanted.
Very excited about this and the idea that driving no
longer has to be associated with possible pain.
HOBL has done all of this
from Alaska so there is no need to wait until he
gets home on Thursday.
Thanks, HOBL, when you set your mind
to something, there is nothing that can stop you.
You are a good man, a very good man.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Good people still surround us!

Saturday on my way to Carencro
I had a blow out.
I knew what it was right away and happened to be
right before the St. Martinville exit so I pulled
into a business place and called Miki to
come and help his Auntie lil.
I was about 8 miles from his house, the weather
was cool so I sat with my door opened and settled
down to wait until he got there.
No sooner had I got off the phone that I saw this
18 wheeler stop yards away from where I was parked
and starting backing up.
My first thought was, "shoot I am in the driveway of
this man's delivery"
The truck stops backing up and this man starts walking towards
me and I to him.
I ask if I am in the way of his delivery and he
says, "No you look like you need some help"
I am so happily surprised and thank him
but tell him my nephew is only a few miles away
and coming to save me.
"No problem, I will be done before he gets here"
He doesn't even wait for me to protest,
Just goes into my opened trunk and begins getting
what he needs.
I notice he has slippers on and I ask where he is going
"On my way home to Texas just made a delivery here."
Before Miki could even get there this sweet man had
my tire changed and was on his way back to his
18 wheeler, back to his family on a Saturday morning.
He refuses money, I beg to give him something.
He finally allows me to "buy his lunch"
I wrap a 20 dollar bill in a way he can't see what the
denomination is because I have a feeling he would
have refused that much.
He leaves me feeling happy.
Happy because in this world that seems to be so
cut-throat and unkind
there are still good people who surround us.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

7 day challenge done in three

I have decided to quit the challenge.
Today felt strange and weak but had no appetite to eat.
I forced myself to eat and felt better right away so I know
it had dropped my blood sugar.
Have lost not an ounce in three days so I am done.
Don't want to risk my health for this.
I will have to muster the will power that I need
to do this the healthy way.
Praying for cooler weather soon and continuance of
no back pain so I can begin exercising.
I have 4 days of a 7 day challenge if any one is
interested in trying it, let me know.
First come, first served!

day two of the challenge

I have had many people talk to me about
taking the 7 day challenge.
Some swear by it and have been on it on a long term basis.
Others tell me that after the 7 days they stopped it
because of side effects of the accelerator.
Some have contacted me just out of pure love
and concern for me.
I understand it all.
I only plan to do it for 7 days and not a day more.
I see and hear all these sales people on facebook
praising this stuff, swearing by it and I
want to know for myself and be honest with people as I
try it myself because I am sorry, why is it that
once you become a distributor of the stuff you swear by it.
So I continue on the challenge being well aware that nothing
claimed to be "natural" is- when mixed together
but also realizing that nothing tried for 7 days will have
ill effects on my body.
Yesterday was much better on the accelerator.
I felt almost normal with the side effects lasting about an hour
then I had forgotten I had taken it.
I do not like the taste of the pink drink...
something in it that I cannot stomach.
My appetite was still suppressed as I sat in our school cafe'
and ate meatloaf, one of my favorite meals they cooked.
I usually can eat all they serve me with no looking back.
Today though I ate half and honestly had no
wants for more.
Last night I ate a healthy veggie pizza at subway
before Hughbee's game and couldn't eat the whole thing.
The biggest part for me is the fact that I ate no night time snacks.
5 days left and I can't take tell you what I have lost.
I plan on getting on the scale on day 7 to give the total.
Won't be blogging about it again until the week is up.
Thanks for all the concern of people who love me,
thanks for all the encouragement of those who swear
by the "pink drink"

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

7 day pink drink challenge

I have decided that maybe I need a little boost
with this weight loss thing that is not happening.
My famous saying is,
"I don't drink, smoke, do drugs or cheat on my husband,
So I like to eat..."
I could try and fool myself by saying,
"Oh it is my thyroid disease that causes me not to loose weight"
"My metabolism is bad since I had my hysterectomy"
But I would be lying to myself and to others,
I like to eat too much and
Diana's chocolate baby bananas have
got to get off my menu.
A friend of mines sells the new fad
called Plexus slim or the "pink drink"
that seems to be what every one is praising.
I normally do not fall for these things,
opting for the healthy thing of just not eating like a pig
and exercising.
How is that working for me????
Well it's not.
So I have decided to try the 7 day challenge and will
share my experience with you guys.
For 30 dollars my 7 day challenge came in the mail
and yesterday was my first day.
It consists of taking a capsule each morning that is
called the accelerator.
Now, I am not a believer in the "all natural and safe"
I say to that, Marijuana is all natural too, but it is against
the law. There is caffeine in this capsule and other natural
ingredients. If you are a heart patient, you cannot take the
accelerator. Once you take the accelerator
you are then to mix the "pink drink" in a bottled water
and drink that also in the morning.
It is the part of the challenge that is supposed to boost
your metabolism and get you burning calories.
They say you can do just the drink and not change
your eating habits and still loose weight.
This does not seem like it could be true.
The drink tastes fruity with a little hint of
something that I am not a fan of.
The taste is tolerable and I know many would really like
the taste but I don't like any of those powders mixed in
water so I am not one to judge the taste.
I am a diet coke and tea girl.
Yet I did drink it like directed with the accelerator.
Ash told me that after taking the accelerator be sure
to eat a half hour after.
I know why....
because it cut my appetite so greatly that I probably
could have gone all day without eating.
That would have caused my sugar to drop to rapidly.
I do not believe in fasting as a safe way to loose weight
so I did as she said and ate a peanut butter on a
slice of wheat toast.
Usually I eat something small at home then eat again
when I get to school, a fruit bar or something. By the
time 11:30 comes I am famished and whatever the
cafeteria is serving, I want.
Yesterday, I never noticed the time and had to make
myself eat a lean cuisine.
Even when I got home at 4, when I am usually starving
and begin my night time ritual of eating supper
at 4:30 and eating until bedtime, mostly junk
to an excess, I still was not hungry. Last night I ate a normal supper of
a ham and cheese sandwich, not because I was hungry but
because I knew I had to eat.
I had no cravings for chocolate when reading in bed last
night and ate no snacks.
This sounds so perfect, right?
Well, for me I did have effects from the accelerator
that I didn't like.
I did have the excitable feeling like I think maybe
ADD kids have. I had many things I wanted to do
and did do my job but had trouble with the focus
I normally have on a project.
I had some sweating and jittery feelings.
I felt a little irritable and aggravated.
Not enough that anyone else would have noticed,
but inside myself, I found little things were aggravating me.
I am usually a "go with the flow and be happy"
sort of girl so this was different for me.
I understand not all have that and Ashley said
those side effects usually go away after the first day or so.
This morning I am remembering how that felt and
having doubts as to whether I want to try it again today
but I made a commitment to the 7 day challenge,
so I am going to take it.
I know if I continue to eat only three meals a day like a normal person,
I will loose weight after the week is up.
I am not wanting to take this on a permanent basis,
diet fads scare me so I am hoping that the 7 days will help
me get out of the habit of wanting to eat all evening.
I will continue to post through the 7 days and will also give
the weight loss of the week.
I know this though, the accelerator for sure, cuts appetite
like nothing I have ever tried before.
Still not sure what the "pink drink" part is doing
but a week my show me.
Taking this challenge for the team...
Follow me through it.

Monday, September 12, 2011

My guardian Angel

Wednesday when I got to work, there on my
desk was a picture of Gina B. framed with the words,
I searched the halls of TES to find out who had left
this precious gift on my desk.
It was a perfect photo of her,
a school photo taken years before the
dreaded disease of ALS took over her life.
She is smiling right at me, big,
just like she always did.
No one would admit to being the one who
blessed my desk, my office.
Finally, it came out.
Seems like Susan Brown, my friend who
mans the ISS at my school was helping another
teacher clean her classroom and they came across
many school pics of Gina B.
The other teacher is going to make sure her family gets
these prized pictures.
Yet, Susan Brown saved one for herself and one for me.
Framed it and placed it on my desk, just where most
of my work gets done daily.
The story doesn't end there.
It is known that I have a big mouth and told everyone
the story of my guardian angel,
that Gina is still a part of us here at TES.
Then the next morning there is a not attached to Gina B.
It says,
"I came in before work and kissed our guardian angel"
So here is Gina B. , a picture on my desk still
working at TES from a higher place,
a place we all long to know, hope to go to one
day when our life here is done.
I often say that through my days,
sometime I forget that she is no longer on this Earth
and those are the good days.
She continues to work her magic though.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Carencro bound

Heading out bright and early this am to Carencro, La.
Going to spend the weekend with Miki, Rosie, Sayra, and
our love, Cami!
Hoping to get a visit in with Em and Zachary also.
Maybe going to even see the brother and sis-in-law.
An extra bonus would be if I get to see my godchild, Ricky
who happens to be in Laffy on medical leave from
the Marines. So many people to see, a place to go.
I am a homebody, really I am
but when plans are made to travel,
I get excited when the time actually comes.
Sunday afternoon will put me going home via
Plaquemine to visit the bean.
Going to be a lovely weekend.
Hope the beautiful weather of this week holds on
for the weekend.
Enjoy the video, in case you wonder what we do on
weekend visits...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ham and cheese soup

I follow many blogs,
most are about scrapping, crafting, cooking.
there is one I follow called
It is an awesome blog and this woman likes
many of the same things I love and she is very
talented and artsy.
One of her posts is for a recipe for
Ham and cheese soup.
MMMMmmmmmmm! I love all soups and have never
in my 48 years heard of a ham and cheese soup.
This one is super easy and I cannot wait to try it because
it sounds so good and so simple.
I have a feeling that KD will be trying this one also.


Sounds so simple, a slow cooker recipe that would be perfect
to come home to after a day at work when the weather is cold.
Saints real season tonight.... mmmm this would be good for that too!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The check is in the mail...

One day last week, I received a check from
Vanderbilt Hospital in the sum of $295.72
Two years ago I went to Vanderbilt in Tennessee
to get answers as to what chemotherapy and radiation
had done to my body back in 1968.
On that trip I was asked to sign a release
so that my records, my history might be used when
studying effects of these medications that saved my life.
I never thought about that paper again.
Yet at the same time I am reading a book about Henrietta Lacks
and how her cells were used without her consent,
I was being compensated for something I did two, almost three
years ago. An extra 300 dollars is not something I needed
but it was nice. Nice to think of what I could treat myself to.
With the extra money. I thought of Ipads and a new camera.
I thought of all the cricut cartridges I could buy.
The check stayed untouched as I wondered what exactly I would
do with the money.
For whatever reason, I didn't feel comfortable spending the money.
I am not sure why, it is mine, for the first time I have been
compensated for the life I lived way back when.
Still, I did not feel like I should spend it on wants.
You see, in the life HOBL and I have made for ourselves,
there is nothing I need, therefore it would have been used
for a want. Yesterday, yes, you guessed it, while brushing my
teeth, it comes to me.
I decide that I wanted to share the wealth.
I will send 50 to a friend who is battling cancer again for
the second time, a single gal who finds work hard for her.
I am going to give 50 to a dear friend who always smiles and
never complains but I know, because of a divorce, she finds
herself financially strapped.
I am going to give 50 to one of my own sisters who
is not only a cancer survivor like I, but has battled it twice
and now finds herself unable to work for the first time in her life.
That leaves me with three more 50 dollar checks.
I have decided I am going to give it to my children.
Not because they deserve or need it but because I can.
I am going to give 50 to my baby boy who I am so proud of
because he works hard so his wife can stay home with
his small child, because it is important to him that his little
daughter be only with people who love her at this time in
her life.
I am going to give 50 to baby girl because at 22 she is on her own
and has not once since she has made this life change,
has asked myself nor her daddy for a penny.
I realize how in this world, and in speaking to other parents,
there are very few 22 year olds who are not still compensated
monetarily by their parents.
The last 50 dollars will go to my precious bean...
for whatever her mommy thinks she needs at this time in her life.
I will ask that it not be saved but spent on something
that maybe is not a necessity which her parents provide for her
but for something that is fun or new clothing for the winter.
This makes me feel good inside because the fact is,
there is nothing I should want that I or HOBL, at this time in our
lives cannot buy if we choose to.
For 6 people I love....
"The check is in the mail"

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ironic, you say?

(Stacy on the far right, Abby in blue skirt)
(Abby blowing out her candles)
(Cam and her niece, CA)
When things like what I am about to post happens,
it always makes me wonder,
Coincidence or small miracle...
Saturday evening while playing in my scraproom,
I am making a gift for Emilie, my friend, Camille's
daughter who is away at Harvard.
(yay, Em!)
As I am finishing this up, I look up on my picture wall
and I see a picture of sweet, Abby R.
my friends, Stacy and Thomas little girl.
I start thinking of how long it's been since I have seen
or spoken to them and I know it has been way too long.
I just pick up the phone and call Stacy.
It takes her a while to pick up and I really believed
that I would just leave a message and tell her I was thinking
about them, lonesome but she picks up.
"Lil?" she says...
"You are not going to believe this but less than an hour ago,
Abby was going through her daddy's phone and came across
the video she made for you and we had just finished saying
how we missed you and would have to call."
Really well that is ironic!
Then we keep talking, she tells me she is on vacation in Florida
and guess who is with her?
Okay how odd is that, the two people who I was just thinking of
are together in Florida and was just thinking about me...
I get to talk to two of my bestest pals at one time.
So when you get that urge to call someone, don't let it pass
you, do it! Pick up the phone and call, there may be
higher beings involved in the call.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

do not worry..

For all who may be worried about me on the road
after my earlier post.... I lied
Staying in again today, don't worry....
Me and the momma, going to bunker down
again today in our pj's.
Mom still in bed, woke her up for meds.
she said "am I going home today"
I said if you do it won't be until late today.
So she decided she was staying in bed...
Be safe all!

Hell or high water...

Literally, hell or high water,
I am going see JillyBean today!
Cancelled my plans for yesterday only for the sun to
shine for like 5 hours out of the day.
Then I make plans for myself and Bailey to
go to Plaquemine, make plans to go and
visit the other Lillian and I hear rain and wind all night.
Lee will not stop me from my goal today.
I am going to Plaq.....
hell or high water....
crawling everywhere, pulling up to walk,
laughing out loud and sleeping all night.
No way I am missing all of that.
Mom has been with me and started last night
with all the reasons why the manor is better than my house.
"I missed church tonight"
"I wonder if we are going to have Bingo tomorrow"
"I wonder if anyone else left the manor for this weather"
Momma doesn't do well away from the manor for very long.
Going to return her "where she belongs" this morning.
She is a funny one, that Momma.
I cooked all she requested yesterday.
I made a chicken and rice because when we would evacuate
back in the day to Donaldsonville, my sister's mother in law
would cook us chicken and rice.
Sister Ronnie had boiled a ham so I also boiled a ham
because she had the "envie" for that and she can't
have boiled ham without boiled potatoes.
When the afternoon comes she asks me if I have eggs.
Yes, of course I have eggs.
"I think I want a fried egg with my ham for supper"
Really, like really????
After all I cooked she wants eggs.
I remind her of what she used to tell us when we were young,
"Eat what is cooked or don't eat at all"
We laugh but I think really I may be able to get out of frying this egg.
No, she wants and egg.
At the same time, sista Rosie texts to say she is going to take
me up on the supper offer.
I text back "Yea, and you can fry your momma an egg"
Rosie gets here with Momma's wine and as the Queen sits
at the table she starts dictating to Rosie not only
what she wants for supper but how to fix it.
"I want a fried egg, crispy on the outside with a runny yellow
but I want the yellow hot"
Glad she is dictating to Rosie because I am sticking to the old rule of
you eat what is cooked or you don't eat at all.
Then the request that has me and Rosie both looking at each other
and not sure what she means.
"I want some fried boiled potatoes."
Really woman? Really?
Boiled potatoes aren't enough but now she has to fry them for you???
Oh we are really laughing now.
She dictates to Rosie.
"Take the boiled potatoes and slice them like potatoe chips
then fry them in the grease of the fried egg"
Good thing Rosie is here, you take this one, sista!
The momma, she may be demanding but she is always complimentary.
She goes on and on about how great of a job ROSIE did...
She is going back to the Manor today....

Friday, September 2, 2011

4-H days

Try to remember back in your 4-H days
when it was a mandatory part of your school years.
My parents were older and we didn't participate in
organized sports or clubs.
Our afternoons and weekends were filled with good
old afternoon sitcoms and playing outside with
neighborhood friends.
Some days, if it was cold and rainy, all I did
was excitedly jump off the bus, to a warmed house
with snacks and my Daddy waiting , to put on
my PJ's and do nothing...
ahhhhhh, how some things have never changed in my life.
Okay, back to the topic...
4-H was different, however.
It was mandatory and everyone, I mean everyone participated.
If it was for school, Daddy made sure we did what was asked.
Back then, a school must have been compensated for how many
children were in the club because it was pushed big time.
So many good memories surround BETTER BREAKFAST posters
and sewing an apron at school. Filling out record books
and attending achievement day on a school bus.
Once we were in 7th grade and went to middle school, though
the club became elective and unfortunately, as most tweens
are, if I didn't have to do it, I wasn't doing it.
Which brings me to this sweet girl who is going to already be 12
on Saturday. Abby loves, loves 4-H.
I wish we had had a leader like Abby in the 7th grade to push
us to stay in this awesome club.
Abby loves everything she has interest in and gives it all her "gusto"
My post this morning is thanks to her grandfather, David
who shared the great news that Abby was voted president
of her 4-H club!
It no longer is a mandatory club. Not only being in it
but also running for president says a lot for how
much she loves it and of her confidence skills. She had to
write a paper explaining why she should be President.
I won't share the whole contents of the letter because
I don't have permission to do so, but "Oh my!"
I have no doubt her letter written to the topic,
was the best of all entries.
I think, for me, the most important part of her paper
was her desire to increase the participants of her
school club. I hope she succeeds at this and just have no
doubt she will. You see, Ab's is the kind of girl, student,
who when has a mission, will do it.
Her love for animals and the way she handles herself
not only at these 4-H achievement days has shown she
is not only equipped for the job, but is the best for the position.
Congrats to Abby and her parents for another job well-done.
I love her so big!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Early dismissal, good day at TES

No, the day was not good because the children
went home early.
The day was good because we had staff meetings
in the afternoon.
I have to just say that I do believe I work at the
very best parish school facility that exists.
My principal, she is the bomb-diggity.
She has this way about her.
A way that makes you proud of being
a part of her mission.
A way of admitting her shortcomings
and explaining how she is working on it.
A way of being honest even if it is not easy to hear.
A way of reminding us that our new "building"
is not the reason things are changing,
that we started that process long before ground
was broken on the new facility.
Yesterday she reminded us the difference
between a teacher and an educator,
how hard the job of teaching children are.
She reminded us that each of us in that facility
have opportunities to be an educator.
How this year our focus is on the whole child
reminding us that the majority of our children
are from the underprivileged side
and we must be the place where they come to
have their "whole child" nourished.
That we are not only responsible for their education
but also their social and moral lives.
There is no better way to describe our principal
but to say she is the best.
When describing her to others when they ask
about her, I always use this statement.
"She demands perfection, makes you want to do your
very best but what I love the most about her is that
she never asks anything of us that she is not either
already doing or would not do herself."
That, to me, is the best definition of a leader I can give.
Yesterday as I sat on our new stage with all my peers
and our principal and the two best asst. principals,
my thoughts were that I could have stayed home
for the rest of my life. I could been classified as disabled
and not have been falsifying that criteria.
Yet, I chose to come back because this job is my calling
and I am not bragging when I say I know I am good at it.
However, it is only at TES that I wanted to return.
Only TES that can give me the courage to continue to go
even on days that it would be easier to stay home.
A leader's strength is shown in the people she leads.
Our principal is nothing but the very best!
So proud that I am part of her team!