Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bean In hospital

Our poor Bean has been so sick this week.
Started with Strep throat and a bad cough.
She wasn't eating and barely drinking so her Mommy took her
back to the doctor yesterday morning.
She was found to be full of ulcers in her mouth,
on her tongue, gums and throat.
By the evening she was showing signs of really being sick
so Kd called the doctor and it was decided she would be
admitted for IV fluids and steroids.
How sick our little Bean was.
Thankfully, this morning she is up and playing.
Like her Mommy texted this morning,
"Amazing what fluids will do..."
It is so hard for all of us to see her this sick
and even more scary with the loss of baby Tanner this week.
Our Bean is such the trooper,
we figured she would never leave an IV in her arm but
she has and this morning is playing in the play room of
Our Lady of the Lake.
Another very thankful morning as our little baby girl
is finally on the mend!
Last night
This morning.... soooo much better!

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  1. Thank God that Bean is doing better!!!