Friday, October 19, 2012

Where is God now, Momma???

It's a hard post to write this evening and yet I know I will not get any
sleep unless it is done.
Two very good friends of baby boy and Kd have lost
their precious infant.
Neither of my children asked the question in the title,
"Where is God now, Momma?"
They don't have to ask  for me to feel like I owe them
an explanation. Of course, I don't.
Shoot, I am angry and doubting my own beliefs in the Big Man.
I know he exists, I have seen too many of his miracles not to believe.
Why this, Why an innocent child has to come into the world
to be loved by his family for just a short few weeks?
No warning as to why so soon he is already back in the arms of God?
I don't have the answers, no one does.
We will never know until our own time in Heaven comes and it all makes sense.
I do know this,
I have not met a parent who has lost a child who has not said
if it were not for their faith in God they would never have gotten through this.
What if God is not the reason for the death?
Many years ago a young woman died days before her wedding.
I remember her mother telling one who told her "it was her time."
angrily, "It was not her time, how can you say it was her time?
This is the devil trying to drag my family in the dirt. He will not win.
I will praise God knowing my daughter is with her Father in Heaven
and I will not let the devil sway my beliefs in God."
God has the "helicopter view"
What does not make sense to us here on Earth,
from his view may make perfect sense and yet the pain is there.
For all left behind with the questions of why? including me.
Time heals all wounds it is said.
I don't believe this nor do I believe you ever truly "get over"
something this tragic.
Somehow this young couple has to find a way to come together once 
again for their sweet Thomas.
I have seen others years after the loss and they survive,
they smile again, they laugh, they enjoy life again but to say
they ever are the same is an understatement.
My own mommy lost a few babies and one in particular that was full term
who was named Rebecca. At the time of the loss my brother Peter was
just a few years old and my parents felt they had to have a
funeral to explain to my brother what happened to his little sister.
Mommy spoke often of how hard it was to loose her Becky.
I know my Mommy had many happy days after the loss of this
baby as well as three others.
I wish this for this family also.
I hope for people to give them the time and grace to grieve
and that somehow, God grants them some kind of understanding and peace
in the next months to come.
Let no one to rush them through their grief.
So tonight as I write this most scattered post,
I ask that all take moments to pray and think of 
the Guidry's and their extended families.
It is such a cliche' for me to end with this sentence and yet there is 
no better fitting one to do it,
Hug your babies close tonight, tell them you love them and never,
for one day, take a life of a child for granted.

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  1. You are never the same after but you do learn to smile and to laugh. You can enjoy life but you never forget. Praying for them. Praying.