Saturday, October 27, 2012

Obama supporter

It makes me a little perturbed that I have to hesitate
on social networks to say I am voting for Obama.
Everyone can put how Obama is the devil, the devil's work
but heaven's, if I put I am voting for Obama it's a slamming.
I have looked at the candidates.
I voted for Obama the first time around and I am going to vote 
for him again this time around.
I am for 8 year terms.
No one can do much in four years, especially
when he is coming into the mess that Bush left for him to clean up.
I don't feel like I should have to answer for my vote,
just as those who are for Romney owe no one an explanation.
Even writing this on my own blog makes me wonder how
many people will change their opinion of me because I 
choose to vote the way my US rights give me, freedom.
Obama has two little daughters, do you know
what scares him the most for his girls,
Not dating, not driving, but Facebook.
He should be afraid.
Facebook has become something of a slam to those
who vote Obama.
Many have forgotten that facebook is for entertainment
not to hash out the hate you have for those who 
their rights of voting freedom.
Obama is not the devil, he has two young girls,
he wants the same for them that we all want for our own youth.
I do not agree with all he believes in but, like all candidates,
there will never be one that feels exactly as you do about all.
So I put my thoughts on the line.
I am voting Obama and for saying that
I should be treated as equally as all those who decide to vote Romney.


  1. I'm voting for Obama, and to top this this is the first time I ever vote in my life. I'm not voting for him because my daughters gay, I'm voting because of the facts as I see them. The stock market is up from 8500 pts to 1300 pts. He did away with don't ask don't tell policy, which made my day, because I am Veteran and I have no problem being in combat with a gay soldier. He also did medical reform, but some people hate that because they are not in a situation like i was in, because before that law was passed had I lost my job no insurance wouldn't of covered my wife. And as for those religous bigot assholes that think he is the devil , then include me as satan and I'm very proud to say that if he is satan I will follow him. I believe lots of people make judgements and don't have the facts, they claim the economy is bad, I don't know about your economy but my stocks are up and I'm doing very good in todays economy. Maybe the ones complaining need to quit going shopping and spending your money and you would be amazed about how your situation will improve. lots of business owners hate him because he will tax them more, they need to be taxed more because they are part of the problem keeping all the money and ripping off there workers. I read a article the other day where employers are telling the employees to vote for Romney or they may be unemployed, if my employer told me this I would tell them to kiss my ass as I walk out the door. American are spoiled bratts, and for all of you out there that put down illegal workers, I would hire a mexican any day before hiring a american, because mexicans work. When i supervise mexicans I had to get on there ass to take a break, the american you have to go fine him hiding or bullshitting by the coffee pot. I can keep on for days on this topic, but before you bitch get your facts together, because the bitching I see holds no facts. I was mad at my wife and daughter 4 years ago for voting for him because i was prejudice, but today as I get older that defect of character is being removed thru the grace of god or satan as per Romney supporters. I also believe many you need to do soul searching about the real issue which is the evilness of hating people of color. Obama 2012 is my vote even if he losses, so if I pissed anyone of you off to hell with it, keep being ignorant and it will get you no where but still running to the goverment for free handouts. In closing I am very observent when communicating with people and the one thats bitch are the same ones that run to the red cross and use the goverment in any way they can to get a free food stamps after storms, etc and I also noticed they are financially ingnorant but claim to have all the answers to the economy, but can't even handle there own finances. and if this comment changes your opinion of me then you are the ones that this comment was intended to be sent to.

  2. I meant to say the stock market is up into the 13000

  3. I am a hard working person and I am not prejudice. I don't believe that Obama is the right person as president. I don't believe in what he stands for and that is my opinion. I have a right to it also.

  4. That is right, this is america the land of freedom, if thats what you feel then your not the one were talking about it is the fools that are on face book with all there stupid religous remarks that he is satan and a teriost muslim and anybody that votes for him is evil, thats the fools I'm talking about.

  5. Replies
    1. Vote obamo you little nerd.

    2. Hey I think im going buy a boat with a go devil, where I can get a deal nerd,

    3. hey nerd call me at home.

  6. Son, sad part... this is our hobby.... lol