Wednesday, August 10, 2011

ALS sucks big time!

This morning before work I will visit one of
my besties daddy who is in the hospital
after having his feeding tube inserted.
He has Lou Gehrig's like Gina B. did
and has been so weak trying to eat enough
to gain strength.
I am relieved he has gotten this feeding tube.
One problem will be over for him and his family
and he can build his strength back and be
stronger for some time and the pressure to eat
will be off of him.
Today I will visit, with no warning because
I am afraid if I ask permission to visit he will say no.
Yet, what do I say to this man who was much like a daddy
to me while growing up, to his wife who has always
treated me special since I have known her?
The man who when I got big and began nursing
at Lady of the Sea, treated me as a peer,
kind and helpful all the time.
I guess I will be my typical self and try and make
light of his situation, make him laugh, let him
forget how much this diagnosis sucks.
I will encourage him on the fact that I do believe
the feeding tube will be a blessing to him.
I want to say how much it all sucks,
how I would wish he had cancer instead of ALS,
how I want him to try and keep some hope through
this dreaded disease....
I love him, pure and simple, I love him.
It would be easier for me to just avoid the situation,
not visit making myself believe that is what he wants
but that is not me....
So today, before work I will visit,
I will try to leave some "Lil lovin" in that hospital room
and at least get a smile from the man who means
so much to me.

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