Friday, August 19, 2011

Jillybean is coming!

JB is growing way too fast for my liking.
Especially since I can't see her as much as I would like.
Thankfully, KD understands the concept of grandparents
longing for their grandchildren and always makes it
a point to have us see her at least once a week.
It is another reason why she is the best daughter-in-law
in the world. She understands me and I think
she sees me as her friend, not just an in-law.
It is how I feel about her.
We call it playing when they come and sleep.
We will play in the scraproom and it is our
favorite place to hang out when most come sleep.
I have thought much about all the relationships
I have with the children in my life.
Each one is special.
Yet each one is also different.
If I look at each of them and compare it to the
relationship I hope to have with Jillybean,
it is the one I have with Cami-girl that I want
to try and build with her.
We are much alike, when I think about it.
She loves silliness and loves laughing.
She loves scrapping and making things but is also
content to just lay with me and read.
She thinks I am the most fantastic elderly person she knows.
We do stupid things like
play "Juanita and Shaquita"
a game we created to pretend we are a cajun
mother and daughter and speak in the strongest
cajun accent we can.
She thinks it is so cool that I refuse to grow up
and still buy toys. She understands all my jokes.
She also understands my rules about no
computers at Nannie's house unless
completely supervised by an adult.

She actually loves everyone who plays a part in her life.
She has this gift that makes you feel like you are her favorite.
I hope I have that gift also.
That all my little lovies feel like my favorite when with me.
Yet this little beauty, I think will always have a special
place for me in her heart, she will remember the special
times we have shared together.
I want her to remember and understand that I am
her Nannie and that is a special and important job.
That I will do whatever is asked of me in regards
to what is best for her.
It is the relationship with her that I am building with
the Bean.

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