Monday, August 1, 2011


The summer always brings visits to Auntie Lil's house.
Have a few great nieces and nephews that I was not able to get
in over the summer so this year it will extend to a few weekends.
Abby, Owen, El, didn't forget you all!
So let me talk to you about this little treasure.
Her favorite sayings are:
Now why, you may asking, am I blogging about Ange' first?
Well because I promised her and one thing I don't do
is make promises I can't keep.
I had forgotten how much 11 year olds think they know
and how much they talk. It took me about 3 minutes with Ange'
to realize I was going to here a lot of,
"Oh my God"
"Are you serious?"
So I said to my Ange'
"Ange' auntie Lil is going to break you of that habit,
everytime you say, 'are you serious?'
I am going to say, 'as serious as a heart attack'"
I explained to her what that slang meant and she was on board.
I do not know how many times I said that back to her
but towards the end, she was saying it to me when
I would forget and we would laugh and laugh...
I don't think I broke her from the habit,
I think I just gave her a new phrase to use.
I also love teasing Ange' about her being a drama queen.
She is always trying to tell me how she hates drama
but let me tell you, this girl likes drama.... lol
She is beautiful and sweet.
Allowed me to still rock her and give her a good back rub.
Maybe next year she will think she is too big for Auntie lil
or maybe she will be a superstar like she told me
and will be living in Australia like she also told me.
She may be dating Cody Simpson and being home schooled.
Oh the dreams that live inside of Ange'.
If, however, next summer sees her still loving visits at
Auntie Lil's house, I hope we can still rock, play, and cook.
Love you, Ange'

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