Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I will never grow up...

Yes, just like Peter Pan, I will never grow up.
Yesterday I turned 48, 48!
What is that? Just a number my friend, just a number!
When people say I do not look 48 I remind them
that it isn't really about me looking young,
more about how immature I am.
How many 48 year old women can go into a cafeteria
full of students and do the "stinky leg"
This surgery got me down a notch but not for long.
You see, I will not grow up.
Proudly I say there is a part of me that still lives
in childhood, I don't worry about much and
if I do worry about it, there is a good reason to do so.
I still wear my heart on my sleeve, care too much
about people and their feelings
but also know that truth must be told even if it
means people may be hurt.
I proudly celebrated another birthday.
I was speaking to Gail who lost her son a few years ago
to the big C and I promised her this.
That I will not take this life for granted.
That I will live a happy and childhood life for those
who did not beat the big C.
I will give back to the world knowing that I beat the
odds that her son did not.
I promised her that I will be happy for him who didn't get
the chance but I most definitely expect him to repay
me when I reach Heaven.
He best be there at the gates of Heaven to show me
the ropes of the place I hope to be at when this life is over.
My advice to you who's birthdays find you getting older?
DO not let the numbers fool you into believing you are
getting old.
Always keep a since of a childhood life inside of you.
Play more, laugh all the time, be thankful even
when you think your life sucks...
if you think a day is bad, remember it could be worse.
It can always, always, be worse!

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