Saturday, August 6, 2011

Feeling like a normal human being again.

Who ever thought a job could stabilize a life.
I feel like my old self for the first time in 10 months.
My days are already becoming more organized,
my time is being used in ways that need to happen
when you are part of the working class.
I was almost ready to hang up a nursing career, so close.
Believe it or not, it was a disagreement with HOBL
that made me decide to go back.
We very seldom have arguments these days
and I like it that way, hate dis-harmony.
Yet this one was the reason why I happily
returned to work.
Yesterday as I walked on the campus of TES,
everything new and shiny,
Children so happy to be there, so happy to see
their school nurse,
I thought of Gina B.
Our dear TES sister who was not here this year
to start the year.
She always loved the first days back as I did.
I thought of what she would have given last school year
to be where I was, beginning work again.
There is nothing like the fear of not being able
to do a job again, to make you love the job
you thought you disliked just months before.
I wonder how I will ever be able to retire but I also
know that there is a difference between retiring
and disability and I know there is a difference in
working because you have to and working because you choose to.
I work because I choose to.
I was even sad that it was Friday and I have to wait until
Monday to go back.
However today will be a fantastic day...

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