Thursday, August 25, 2011

you know I am going to talk about it...

It may be a few days late,
but you have to know I am going to talk about the
tragedy that happened in our local Burger King this week.
A 12 year old boy raped in the boys bathroom.
I guess the part that angers me the most aside
from the fact that it has happened at all
is that there are always those who want to say,
"Where were to parents"
Ugh, the child was 12, long gone were the days
when he had to do his business in the ladies bathroom
with his momma because of safety.
At 12 years old, my children were riding their
bikes to the Burger King in Cut Off that happened
to be in front of our home.
They never went inside because they believed it was the
coolest thing to go through the drive-up on their bikes.
However, I know if they had needed to go to the bathroom
they would not have thought twice to enter the BK
to do their business. I would have never thought a
predator may be in the bathroom.
The thing parents have to worry about these days makes
me sad for them.
including the normal things like their education and their health,
now you have to worry about monsters lurking everywhere.
It is a sad world when you either have to take your teenage son
to the ladies bathroom with you or follow him there,
makes sure there is no one in the bathroom,
then allow him to go in there as you guard the door allowing
no one to go in until they exit.
Establishments will just have to start making family bathrooms.
From now on, when I have kiddies with me they are going to
stay right by my side and if they have to use the bathroom,
they will have to wait until we get home or risk the chance
that they are embarrassed by their auntie lil
as I scream in the bathroom "anybody in there"
if no answer, I go in myself and make sure there are
no monsters lurking, then they will be allowed in
as I stand holding onto the doorframes allowing no one in
until my lovey comes out.
Never thought we would have to take back our sayings,
"Monsters aren't real"


  1. OMG!!! did they catch the person who did it?

  2. this is horrible!!

  3. That poor child...