Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Okay, I promised!

So, my bestie, Laurie said I really need to stop putting
pictures of her on the blog.
I tried to explain to her that she loves me unconditionally....
She replied that the only thing that would make her
feel better was to post the pictures of the other bestie, Ann
and I with our clown heads so I told her I would.
No shame on my part,
not sure how Ann will feel, but I don't think she reads the
blog on a regular basis so I may be okay with her.
If you did not have a fear of clowns before, you
may be finding yourself with these pictures in your mind
when you try to sleep tonight!
I cannot even tell you the story behind these pictures
because until Laurie showed them to me,
I did not even remember them.
They make me laugh.... hard.....
Oh growing up was so much fun with besties like this!
Are we tight again, Laurie?

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