Sunday, August 21, 2011

Yesterday and Friday was blessed days

Another saying that I feel is overrated is
"Have a blessed day"
I believe people say it way to much and it has lost
is fire with me.
Yet this weekend has been a blessed one for me.
On Friday afternoon I picked up Hughbee at Edward D. White
and unlike many teenagers who have nothing to say to adults
Hughbee always has lots to say to his Auntie Lil.
I love that about him, we always have lots to talk
about and he knows because "What happens with the aunts,
stays with the aunts"
No conversations are off-limits.
I love this child.
Not long after Kd, Jillybean showed up and
then Rebecca, El, and Lulu...
Lu loves babies, it is one of things that
will spark her.
She could not hold her enough.
El, well she being the baby in most situations,
wasn't the biggest fan of "Jullian"
Yet she posed for a picture for her Auntie Lil
Saturday brought baby girl and Kelli for the best spaghetti
cooking ever and visits from old friends of Kd and I,
Mary and Lindsey and the sweet Adrianna.
I love it when children bond with HOBL.
There are some who won't give him the time of day
then there are those that attach to him and he becomes a
friend right away.
Sweet Adrianna was the latter.
She was telling him secrets that "he couldn't tell anyone"
and had him sitting behind the sofa on the floor looking
at the treasures in her backpack.
She is a loved child by her granny and her Auntie.
I do not know how that visit went without pictures
but I do not like the fact that I have no pictures of
a precious little girl with her hand wrapped around
her mouth as she tells a secret into HOBL's ear.
Later in the evening two of Jillybeans' auntie's that
have never met her yet came for a long overdue visit.
HOBL's sister, Anna and her partner, Dana spent the evening hours.
Jillybean took to all her new family and friends
which is unusual for her.
She is usually leery of new friends but not this day.
We do not spend enough time with Dana and Anna.
Anna being HOBL's half sister and they growing up
up together means they should work harder as adults
to spend time together.
Dana and I have decided that we will have to help in
this process. They are all each other has,
they need to be important to each other.
So, I will use the saying that I rarely use because when
speaking of this weekend, it really was
blessed days!

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