Monday, August 15, 2011

NO, NO, No!!!!

I awaken this morning to hear on the news
a 7 year old boy has been murdered in Thibodaux.
His dismembered body found on the street of West 7Th,
my school is on East 7Th.
I hear his name and realize he is not one of my children
at TES but he is some school's child.
Killed by the hands of his mothers' boyfriend.
When will people leave our children alone?
I am devastated when any child is sick or dies
but an unnecessary death just gets me angry.
Our future, he may have been the one to change
the world. The news says he had some learning difficulties,
he may have been the one that changes people's mind.
I do not believe the saying,
"It was their time"
It makes me aggravated when I hear people say that or
"God called him home"
I am sorry but God does not call a 7 year old home by
having a boyfriend not only kill him but dismember his body.
I do believe that God loves the little children more,
I hope he was in Heaven ready to greet this little one himself.
He must have been so frightened....


  1. Thats them stupid religious neurotic ass holes that believe that god would take a young kids life like that, they believe that every thing is gods will.

  2. it was the work of Satan