Wednesday, May 9, 2012

5/9/08 vs. 5/8/09

You may think the mix up between these two days
non-important, easily done.
Except, for me, these two dates are very different 
and, in my mind, should be set in stone.
Except it's not and it wasn't yesterday,
when I mixed up these two dates 
and forgot to wish baby boy and Kd 
a very happy third anniversary.
I am not one to forget important dates
but the small part of me that must be dyslexic
did it. 
So one day late, even though I thought it was today,
I have to say...
You two make marriage look easy,
although I know it isn't always.
You two have something that many marriages lack,
a friendship within the confines of the love
you have for each other.
You two show how a marriage has to be two 
becoming one and a third becoming a family.
I say it often, just how lucky Bean is that 
her parents are literally "each others best friend"
Although you both have separate interests,
you try and remember that time together 
is still very important. I love the way
the two of you always have each others back.
You guys are what I think many should model
their marriages on.
Congrats on three years of marriage,
I hope after another 30, you find that 
you are still friends and the love you feel now
is just as fresh as it was on
Love you, guys!

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