Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Retreat, anyone?

What is a beautiful place like this if not to be shared with others.
I've thought a lot about that very thing lately.
Instead of a new chapter of my life I am 
starting a new book.
Just like authors, there comes a time when it's
time to just end one book and begin another
in the continuation of the first.
I sit yesterday by my little piece of Bayou Jacob,
watching the sun go down, eating a bowl
of watermelon and journaling and I think,
I want to share this with many.
I walk the cemented pathways of what 
is roads for golf carts by day, and I listen to 
the crickets and frogs, I feel the cool breeze
as I walk over small wooden bridges and I think,
I want to share this.
I want this home to be a retreat for those HOBL and I 
love, friends and family.
I want to entertain those who come to visit 
by renewing my love of cooking and baking.
Anna and Dana came last weekend but unfortunately
I got sick and they had to leave early Sunday.
Next Thursday, Tiffy and my beloved god child, Tedi
are coming from Thursday to Sunday.
I can't wait to have them here.
I want us all to relax with no set agenda.
To enjoy all this place has to offer.
The walking paths, the swimming pool,
the things we will cook and bake together.
They will be the second visitors of many.
Everyone, call and make your "reservations"
The charge is... your relaxation.
The besties, Laurie and Ann and "the girls"
are coming for the day next weekend
and Laurie and "the girls" are coming for a long weekend 
soon also. Oh, these visits are getting me excited
and I believe, even HOBL, who loves talking to 
a bunch of ladies, is looking forward to company.
We have the space and what is all of this peace if not
to be shared. Yes, HOBL and I love our time just us 
but we also love visitors. 
Next Tuesday afternoon I will be entertaining KD's family 
here in Plaq. who all are anxious to see the house.
Soon I will be planning the same get togethers with 
my TES friends and also planning a 
sister/niece/Hugh pajama party!
Oh I am loving the excitement!


  1. This sounds so good. I cannot wait to visit you.

  2. Now that CA is out of school for the summer - one day soon we need to visit you during the week! How does a Wed. sound - enough time to recover from the weekend and recover for the weekend! hehehehehehe

  3. YEs, to both of you!! Lea, week days are great with me since I am now retired. Bring Ca's bike as in the late afternoons we can ride the golf course it is 6 miles of cemented heaven over waterways, in trees.... over little hills...... I rode my bike yesterday for the first time in years and loved it!
    Buffy, make sure Macy is in the car!

  4. Lea, plan on spending the night!