Friday, May 4, 2012

Titanic scene played out on Village Drive

Another one of the best things about the new home
is that HOBL and I have been making it through the whole night
in the king size bed I insisted on.
Before our bed was so small and the pups crowded our space
so one of us always landed up sleeping somewhere else.
The new bed is so big, that we each could get lost in it
and I have to sit up in bed to see if he is still in there in the night.
Every night when I awaken, I take Jake to do his business on 
his puppy pad.
Last night, I could not find him in the bed.
Because he is too afraid to jump off the bed, I knew he was in
the massiveness of a king size bed.
I didn't want to wake HOBL up, so at first I sleepily began
to feel around for him.
Then I began calling his name in a sleepy, whispery voice,
"Jake, jake, jake...."
yet I still couldn't find him. Next thing I know I am on all fours
on the bed just whispering over and over but a little more
panicky this time,
"Jake... Jake, Jake"
Then all of a sudden in my wierd mind the scene
from Titanic comes to mind.
Where Kate Winslet, Rose, wakes up in the water
freezing and can barely speak as she hangs on to 
a large piece of wood.
"Jack.." she starts of low and calmly.
She tries to get louder as she panics realizing
that Jack has slipped into death,
"Jack, Jack, Jack..."
and I don't know why but I started laughing to myself
with that image in my mind...
"Jake, jake, jake.."
I finally find him and bring him on his paper
but as I sit on the throne to do my own business, I am 
still laughing to myself...
"Jake, jake....."
This morning it still is putting a smile on my face.

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