Sunday, May 6, 2012

Good Luck, Owen

Today many will be traveling to Golden Meadow
for the big event of Owen's communion.
To our family, such events are as important as a birthday party.
Unfortunately, this is the first time that the distance
from the family I love comes in to play as a negative.
I have had some issues with long car rides lately
and two days ago went to Thib. and back and it put
me resting for the rest of the day.
I won't be making the GM voyage today.
Good luck to Owen and congrats to his parents
for I know the job it is to bring up children in the
Catholic faity, especially when you have 4 of those critters!
I am hoping for beautiful weather as following the 
service, there will be a blow up water play thing
as well as a big lunch for all.
Will miss the Plaisance family and all those who will 
I love you Owen,
"Miss Bossy Pants"
Auntie Lil

1 comment:

  1. Miguel nailed his responsorial psalm and then enjoyed the double water slide in the front yard.

    Wore out and a little sun-burnt.