Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Seems as though blog has neglect written on it.

Yes, it's true, the blog has been the last thing I have had
time for which is why not much has been shared here.
This week should be able to get back on tract as
the home is all unpacked and HOBL goes back to work today
to rest. I haven't even journaled in weeks and I am missing that.
As much fun as it was to be able to pick up Bean early SAturday
morning because both her parents were vomiting, It wasn't fun when
Sunday morning at 330 am I also woke up throwing up and Bean decided
it was a fine time to play. I hated calling BB at that time of the morning but
Bean thought it was play time and I thought I might vomit all over her.
How she did not get sick after being all around us is amazing.
She had a little diarrhea but besides that, happy as ever.
This will be the first time I am in the new house without HOBL.
I jokingly say often I can't wait for him to go
but I really will miss him as it was nice to have him here
for the first few weeks in the new home.
So, as of today, hoping to get back to some Lilly time
to journal and read, blog and scrap.
Of course, and to do some blogging.

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