Tuesday, May 1, 2012

KD birthday

 Yesterday was DIL, Kd's birthday!
She and baby boy are now the same age.
It was nice to be able to celebrate with her and her
parents and brother at her parents home last night.
Had we still been in Thibby, don't know if we
would have made to trip here.
 There are so many positives that are coming from the move.
Celebrating the best daughter-in-laws birthday
was definitely one of the pros.
 I am not sure if these pictures are from her first or second 
birthday but either way, her mannerisms and her looks
in these pictures remind me of Bean so much.
She has her DeDa's hair color and his eye color
but much of her reminds me of her mommy.
As for KD, I always knew she would be a good mother.
Yet, she has over-exceeded what I ever imagined.
Bean is so lucky to have KD as her mother.
 She knows this child like no one else does.
Knows what every whimper, what every cry, what
every laugh is about.
She has the patience with bean that all children deserve
but so many never get that.
I love you, Kd,
you are the greatest!
It is so nice to have a daughter in law who 
is also such a good friend, who is from a family that
I call friends also.
Happy birthday to a wonderful woman and Mother!

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  1. Hope you had a terrific birthday, Kd!