Thursday, May 17, 2012

Who are the Jones' anyway?

HOBL has always wanted a generator to run the whole house
when the electricity goes off.
We we are now living in an area that we no longer
have to evacuate for storms so he finally
had that generator installed.
Now we can have the comforts if a storm puts out
our electricity. Upon having it installed
our new neighbors decided that they wanted a price for
a unit also. I asked them if they had decided to purchase one
and the answer was,
"Probably, we have to keep up with the Jones"
meaning us, the "new kids on the block".
We are not the jones and I have never liked
that saying. It's my issue I am sure.
If the Jones' started a marriage with not much
money between them who worked hard,
bought old homes and remodeled them then
sold them for profits until they could 
finally purchase a home of their dreams,
then I guess we are those people.
If those people said "no" to their children
many times for things that were not necessities
like 3-wheelers and expensive sports camps,
then we may be the Jones'.
If the Jones' were people who saved, saved, saved
even when the saving meant they had just enough
money to pay their bills and nothing extra, then
we fit the bill.
I never expected to live in such a grand but comfortable home.
Yet, the fact is, there has never been a home that 
I have lived in that I did not love.
Even our very first house post Hurricane Juan 
that was 800 square feet and costed
less than the vehicle we own now, I loved.
I loved it because both my children lived there.
It was the home we lived in when BB learned to 
walk and started school. It is the home we 
brought gypsy baby home to as a newborn.
Each home was where we needed to be at the time.
This one is a dream, one we could afford only because
of where it is, in Plaquemine which is almost like
moving back home to the bayou.
Real estate here is cheaper than Thibodaux.
HOBL has always worked hard to make each of our homes
a beautiful place but I have never heard him say
he liked any of them.
This home he has said many times,
"I like our new house"
For him, I see it as a reward for the hard work he has always done.
The beauty of the home for me is not only the material part
but that, like today, BB and Bean and Kd
can just drive over for lunch, to hang out.
Like yesterday, that in 20 minutes I can be at 
gypsy baby's apartment and we can spend the whole day together.
Another thing I have realized is that many think that 
if you live on the Island Country Club you are the "Jones"
But the truth is, what I have come to realize is that
all of the people I have met here in the country club 
are just like us, hard working people who take pride in what
they have accomplished, none born with a silver spoon in 
their mouth like I always imagined the "Jones" 
to have been.
Nope not the Jones' here, just the same old little 
Riera couple who have stuck with this life until 
the time came that we could own this beautiful home
without having to worry about their retirement future.


  1. Da "FOB"May 17, 2012 at 9:52 AM

    Spent 24 days without electricity after Gustav .... installed a generator and I spent a total of 6 hours with it running my house. Go figure. Every now and then I feel like running into a pole to make my generator kick on.

  2. It couldn't have been better said. Work hard, pay your bills, live within your means and you will be greatly rewarded. At this point in life we are able to enjoy our lives with our children. P.S. The house is absoultely amazing!

  3. We have a generator - and it has saved the contents of the freezer - and the house a few times!!!! Love that thing!
    I think it is great that you are able to be near your children at this point - such a blessing - and to be in a home you enjoy - so much the better - you can only get there by working hard and good living!