Saturday, May 5, 2012

The loss of my wedding ring

Of all things to loose with the move,
the only thing lost of all that was moved...
My wedding ring.
I am very saddened by this.
HOBL told me the other night,
"Okay, Lil it's lost just let it go, stop talking about it"
but it's not that simple to a sentimental girl like me.
It was not an expensive ring, not what the 
professionals say, two months of your salary.
It actually costed under 600 dollars back in 1984
but it was mines, given to me by HOBL 
and although I rarely wore it because the "chip of a diamond"
was high and in nursing would pop my gloves
so I never got in the habit of wearing it,
opted for my plain gold band that was actually HOBL's
band that I had cut down to fit me.
When I did wear it or even see it in my jewelry box
it alway gave me a comforting feeling.
After 28 years, I still loved it and all it stood for.
All the good times and all the hard times of the marriage,
the ring was there.
It stood, for me, as the symbol of being in the 
marriage for life. I still get upset each day I think of it.
IF it meant so much to me, I guess
I should have put it in my purse instead of 
the cheap jewelry box that all the rest of my 
costume jewelry got moved in.
I honestly thought it would be safe with the rest of the things.
I know it wasn't stolen but lost.
It was packed in the jewelry box in another box that was sealed.
I didn't notice it was missing until Thursday night when I came to put
it on to go eat out. It was the only thing missing in all the jewels 
that meant nothing to me.
I know if it fell in the bigger box it was in, it is lost forever
as every box is gone.
I will miss it forever, as I always loved it and it 
always gave me a peaceful feeling when I looked at it,
a warm fuzzy...


  1. I'll talk to St Anthony... if you are meant to find it - you will... Sorry, funny.

  2. I had a friend who was Catholic and his wife was Baptist. She lost a ring and her husband told her to pray to St Anthony. She brushed him off as usual but after a few days she decided to give it a try. Not being Catholic, she was new to this type of prayer. Her husband gave her the prayer and left her alone. About an hour later, he walked in the room to find her rocking alone in the same chair he left her in earlier. He asked if she had said the prayer and she replied "Honey, we just met. We need a little time to get to know one another."

    She found the ring the next day.

    Good Luck