Tuesday, May 29, 2012

gathering of friends

This afternoon will have a gathering of new and old friends
who live in Plaquemine.
Kd's aunts and cousins have been all asking 
to come over to see the house.
Doing what I love to do, today I will finish up my baking
and polish so as to enjoy time with friends.
The first of many.
Thursday, Tiffy and Tedi-girl head this way
for a long weekend.
Saturday the besties, Ann and Laurie will be here
as well as "bestie babies" my name for 
Laurie's girls, Lindsey and Jessica.
Love hosting gatherings.
Also included in today's gathering,
my new neighbor, Linda Collins.
No relation to me that I know of.
From the first day we moved in,
she and her husband, Lionel were friends.
She cooking for us and vice versa.
The other new friend is a young girl, Jessica and her
sweetie little boy, Ethan who is a few months older than Bean.
Jess brought cookies on one of our first days here.
She and her little family moved here from another
state and doesn't know many people here as she is 
a stay-home mommy.
She is an adorable young mother who since our first 
meeting, has visited a few times.
Today, she comes over to Village Drive to meet 
maybe more people than she thought she wanted to know..
What's on the coffee and dessert menu?
chocolate chip/coconut bunt cake
mini pecan pies
Banana pudding
white chocolate bread pudding.
Cannot wait!

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