Thursday, May 10, 2012

Small Walmarts do have advantages...

When entering the Plaquemine Walmart for the first time
as being a consumer here, I was in shock.
When leaving the bayou and moving to Thibodaux,
it was like having entered Walmart heaven.
Huge is the only way to describe that Walmart to the
one my children were raised in.
Now, however, I am getting used to the quaintness of 
what I am now calling "Our Walmart"
and it does have many advantages.
For instance, there is never waiting in lines,
Not only that but there are not self check outs.
Not a one.
You recognize the cashiers as being the same one 
you saw the day before, and the day before that.
They may not remember you but they remember
the cute baby in your basket as being bean.
You feel like your shopping there is like
you are doing them a service.
Yes, they may not have those things you 
are used to buying with no problems
but they have all the necessary things.
Moving to Plaquemine in many ways,
has been like moving back home
to the small towns of Bayou Lafourche.
Although I had grown accustomed to the advantages
of a bigger town such as Thibodaux,
the adjustment has not been hard because
of where I came from.

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