Monday, May 28, 2012

When and why did this happen?

 I am not sure if these two pictures are the best to show the comparison
How in the world, in two months did our bean become 
a little girl rather than a baby like in the bottom picture?
With the move, I had lost my camera cord needed to 
download pics. to computer.
I finally found it yesterday so decided this morning,
because I am up at 4 am (another story)
it was time to transfer pictures.
In those were the pics of bean the week of her birthday, below
and the one taken at Little Lillian's birthday party on Saturday.
She has grown taller, her face has lost some of its baby fat
making her look more like a little girl.
Her baby belly is disappearing just like the rolls in her legs
because she is getting taller.
Her hair is almost white blonde right now and her skin,
tanned from all the days she loves playing outside.
She is beautiful, so darn beautiful that sometimes I catch
myself just staring at her.
It is happening too fast, this changing from baby to little girl.
Yet, I cannot deny the benefits of maturity when talking of babies.
Bringing her somewhere has not just become easy, it has become
pleasurable. She will be a people watcher as she loves people.
She is the spark in our eyes, what makes every day
so special. 
OH Bean!
Slow down.... you can slow down now.

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