Thursday, May 24, 2012


Not sure if it is the move or because it is summer
but seems as though there is not enough time in the day
to do all the things I want in a day.
This is not a bad thing as it has found me with no time
to be bored and positively looking at each day 
for the gift it truly is.
I find myself in the evening, not wanting to go to bed yet.
Find myself, excited to awaken each morning to get
my day started. My body loves waking early as do I
but it still seems to need that afternoon rest so I am
listening to the body.
Some days I feel overwelmed because I want to get
too much done in a day that I know just can't be done
then I remind myself that there is no "time"
to have things done anymore.
With the retirement I can go at my own pace,
change up the plans, knowing that tomorrow is another day.
I refuse to think about winter as the winter was
so terrible for me. Yet, sometimes it creeps up
and fear enters my mind.
I have so much I enjoy doing here right now,
like my afternoon strolls with the pups.
Love strolling in the new neighborhood
as there are so many different walks to take
with the golf course all being cemented with 
little bridges going over the waterways,
nature abounds. This life finds me very lonesome
for my Thibodaux friends sometimes but never, never
regretting the new beginning. Today I and Bean
are heading to Thib. to meet family for lunch and
to pop in to visit a few friends. Next Wednesday, same thing.
I realize this morning that I can, if I choose to, actually
land up spending more time with Thibby friends as
now I will plan to go for the purpose of visiting and taking
Bean with me assures that those same friends both
in Thib. and DTB will know her better than had I been
away from her. 
Scattered thoughts here today as my minds thoughts
come down on this blog without much planning.
All is good, life is good, going get ready for today's adventure.

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