Friday, May 25, 2012

Last Day of School!

For most of the children,
at least in Lafourche Parish, 
School ends today and summer vacation officially begins.
How I miss the excitement of a whole summer ahead of you
for lazy days spent by our family pool,
cold window units that froze every night because
it was too big for the room.
Open windows with sounds of Dursette Lane
Back rubs with sisters and nieces, listening to 
music on my orange round radio.
Monopoly games that got set up and left up for days
until the official game was over.
Staying up late and sleeping half the day.
Older siblings coming for extended visits with 
the nieces and nephews adounding.
BBQ's on weekends that so many were invited to
and went on into the wee hours of the morning.
Sister school, how I loved sister school when
visiting nuns would come to our church and teach us 
so much about God. 
Recreation, ahhhh, recreation!
Where each afternoon we walked to GMJH and 
participated in arts and crafts, baton twirling, dancing.
Plaisance snowballs, fishing with daddy after getting 
our Dufrene's bakery cookies at 4 am.
French fries served in those white wax coated bags
from Randolphs eaten on our cement porch as
my Daddy looked on into the happenings on the pool deck.
...and watermelons, plenty, plenty watermelons!
Yesterday I cut open and balled a whole watermelon
and it was so good, so sweet that it reminded me of 
those days on the pool porch eating watermelon and
having to sit out of the pool for half hour after so you didn't
get stomach cramps and drown.
My childhood was so much fun!

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