Monday, May 14, 2012

Croquet, anyone?

This morning, while surfing the internet for 
outdoor furniture, I come across this:
An old fashioned Croquet set.
The memories came flooding back and now
I must have a set for the new home.
I always wanted to get a good set for my babies
while they were growing up and there were a few
Christmas' that it actually made it to the list
but never to the purchase point.
This morning many childhood memories came
flooding back from our own Croquet games on
Dursette Lane in Golden Meadow.
C had gotten the set from I think Veronica,
who is her nannie. I don't remember if it was 
Christmas or her birthday and I don't think
it was in "fashion" that such year as the Collins
family never had enough cash to follow fashion.
I don't remember any of the other kids we played with
having a set. Us younger Collins'
had a cement hole in our back yard that we called
our swimming pool and we had a Croquet set.
And we didn't only just have it, we played it.
We played it often and we played it correctly.
I don't remember how many years it was popular being
set up in the front yard but I remember the stand
just like the one in the picture and I remember
our metal mouse holes were pretty bent up and
our balls had a few cracks in them when we finally
picked them up for good.
I can still remember the set up of the game and the hole idea
and I remember many, many hours and days of playing
that said game.
Now, I want a set. I want Bean to know the game of 
Croquet and I want us to take it out at get-togethers
and play a good game of Croquet here on
Village Drive.

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  1. I grew up playing croquet, too! I love that game! I must get a set so that we can play with CA!