Thursday, May 31, 2012


Does there really exist a disease of Kleptomania
or is this just an excuse for someone to be able to 
blame stealing on a true disease.
Why am I thinking this so early this morning?
A few weeks ago, coming home from DTB
I stopped at a small chain store.
There were a few patrons but it was pretty quiet.
I noticed a very young mother who was about
8 months pregnant with another baby sitting in the basket
who seemed to be about Bean's age.
Of course, I stopped to admire the baby
and then went on with my shopping.
Not long after I hear the young mother at the register
realizing as she tried to check out that she had
lost a 10 dollar bill. It's hard not to notice what is going on
as the store is small and not many people are there.
The cashier begins to help her search the store.
There is another employee, who seems to be
the manager, there but she not only 
does not help in the search, but she stands behind
the counter with arms crossed just watching the young mother.
Finally the young mother states that she won't be able to purchase
her wares, will have to go home and get more money.
The manager places herself in the exit door
and will not allow the young mother and the
basket sitting baby out the store.
Instead, she states loudly,
"Go over there, right now and remove my merchandise
from your purse before I call the police"
Oh, my heart starts palpating. I feel very uncomfortable
yet I can't stop staring.
The mother starts saying she doesn't know what she is talking
about. The manager does not let up, calls her by name,
"My blood pressure is up and you will not leave
this store with my merchandise, go and remove my things 
from your purse. And with a baby with you,
how ashamed you should be.
Then the shocking part for me,
the young mother, goes to the corner of the store with the
cashier and begin pulling clothes out of her purse.
She is crying begging the manager not to tell her
boyfriend. The manager only says for her to leave right now
and never let her see her in this store again.
Silly mother is crying saying, "But I love this store,
please don't tell my boyfriend..."
I am thinking, Woman just go, really, I am embarrased for you.
Finally she does leave, she looks like she can't be a day
over 19 with two babies. Stealing. In front of her baby.
I've thought about this incident a lot since it happened
on Mothers Day weekend. What makes someone steal.
Later the 10 dollar bill is found. She had money to pay
yet chose to steal it anyway. 
I wonder how many times she has done this in the past.
I feel sorry for the children. I am not sue what causes a person
to do this. Still can't grasp the whole situation.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

I can balance this new life after all

Yesterday was the gathering of friends and family in Plaquemine.
I loved every minute of it and remembered just how much
I love preparing and then visiting with people.
Some were meeting for the first time, others
were remembering just how their pasts had crossed.
It was fantastic.
Today, Bean and I are heading to Thiby for the second
Wednesday in a row as I have chosen Wednesdays 
as my "spend time with mommy day"
I also set up visits with some of my Thiby friends.
Going to have lunch with two of my young scrap pals,
Katie the neighbor and Meg.
Then heading to Amanda's house to visit with her
new little Taylor where other TES friends will also come to visit.
I am feeling the balance of this new life being
that I might actually not only take the time to visit friends
more than I did when living in Thiby.
Even better, that some Wednesdays I will get to bring Bean
so those friends will get to know her better than had I not moved.
Especially my mommy.
It is important to me that Bean has memory of my Mommy.
She hasn't seen her many times that her little memory would
know yet how important she is to our family 
but she does. At Lil's birthday party she went right up
to her, put her hands on her lap, smiled and sighed this
long sigh almost like saying,
"There you are"
it touched me. Later, some of my family followed us
to my home and Mommy was sitting down being really quiet
and every once in a while Bean would just go up the her and
put her hands in her lap so as to get her attention
making sure mommee knew she was there.
I don't know how much longer Mommy will be with us
so I want Bean to know about the great grandmother who was so 
much of her DeDa's life because she was.
For 11 years of his growing up life,
baby boy and gypsy baby had the privilage of living with her,
and although having her there was not always the best situation for 
my marriage, there was never one day that I thought it was not 
the best situation for my children.
They learned what extended family meant.
They never had to come home to an empty house for Mommy
always made sure, no matter what she was doing, by the
time one of the babies came off that bus, she was there
if I was not. Not only was she there but she had snacks or food 
prepared for them. When we moved to Thiby her little
apartment became a place for BB to sleep one the days
he knew he  needed to go there to find a day or two of
caring or sobriety. Gypsy baby went there often to hang with
her dtb friends and her then boyfriend, Chase.
Yes, it is important to me that Bean continues the feeling 
that this woman is special in her life because she was special 
in her Dee's life.
All is good in the life of balance.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

gathering of friends

This afternoon will have a gathering of new and old friends
who live in Plaquemine.
Kd's aunts and cousins have been all asking 
to come over to see the house.
Doing what I love to do, today I will finish up my baking
and polish so as to enjoy time with friends.
The first of many.
Thursday, Tiffy and Tedi-girl head this way
for a long weekend.
Saturday the besties, Ann and Laurie will be here
as well as "bestie babies" my name for 
Laurie's girls, Lindsey and Jessica.
Love hosting gatherings.
Also included in today's gathering,
my new neighbor, Linda Collins.
No relation to me that I know of.
From the first day we moved in,
she and her husband, Lionel were friends.
She cooking for us and vice versa.
The other new friend is a young girl, Jessica and her
sweetie little boy, Ethan who is a few months older than Bean.
Jess brought cookies on one of our first days here.
She and her little family moved here from another
state and doesn't know many people here as she is 
a stay-home mommy.
She is an adorable young mother who since our first 
meeting, has visited a few times.
Today, she comes over to Village Drive to meet 
maybe more people than she thought she wanted to know..
What's on the coffee and dessert menu?
chocolate chip/coconut bunt cake
mini pecan pies
Banana pudding
white chocolate bread pudding.
Cannot wait!

Monday, May 28, 2012

When and why did this happen?

 I am not sure if these two pictures are the best to show the comparison
How in the world, in two months did our bean become 
a little girl rather than a baby like in the bottom picture?
With the move, I had lost my camera cord needed to 
download pics. to computer.
I finally found it yesterday so decided this morning,
because I am up at 4 am (another story)
it was time to transfer pictures.
In those were the pics of bean the week of her birthday, below
and the one taken at Little Lillian's birthday party on Saturday.
She has grown taller, her face has lost some of its baby fat
making her look more like a little girl.
Her baby belly is disappearing just like the rolls in her legs
because she is getting taller.
Her hair is almost white blonde right now and her skin,
tanned from all the days she loves playing outside.
She is beautiful, so darn beautiful that sometimes I catch
myself just staring at her.
It is happening too fast, this changing from baby to little girl.
Yet, I cannot deny the benefits of maturity when talking of babies.
Bringing her somewhere has not just become easy, it has become
pleasurable. She will be a people watcher as she loves people.
She is the spark in our eyes, what makes every day
so special. 
OH Bean!
Slow down.... you can slow down now.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Last about the home..

I know my followers have got to be sick by now about
so many blogs about the new home.
I promise, aside from maybe random ones, this will be 
my last post all about HOME.
I have been enjoying decorating the new house, 
looking for antique or vintage things that tell a story to 
me, things I can share with visitors.
I am also addicted to all the new magazines about
flea market designs, vintage homes, there are so many!
Yesterday I come across a quote that I wanted to remember,
what I want this home to be for me.
This is what I am trying to create here.
Stories to be shared, a mixture of antiques, vintage
as well as new.
I am turning this home into that,
slowly because I want to enjoy it for a long time.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Retreat, anyone?

What is a beautiful place like this if not to be shared with others.
I've thought a lot about that very thing lately.
Instead of a new chapter of my life I am 
starting a new book.
Just like authors, there comes a time when it's
time to just end one book and begin another
in the continuation of the first.
I sit yesterday by my little piece of Bayou Jacob,
watching the sun go down, eating a bowl
of watermelon and journaling and I think,
I want to share this with many.
I walk the cemented pathways of what 
is roads for golf carts by day, and I listen to 
the crickets and frogs, I feel the cool breeze
as I walk over small wooden bridges and I think,
I want to share this.
I want this home to be a retreat for those HOBL and I 
love, friends and family.
I want to entertain those who come to visit 
by renewing my love of cooking and baking.
Anna and Dana came last weekend but unfortunately
I got sick and they had to leave early Sunday.
Next Thursday, Tiffy and my beloved god child, Tedi
are coming from Thursday to Sunday.
I can't wait to have them here.
I want us all to relax with no set agenda.
To enjoy all this place has to offer.
The walking paths, the swimming pool,
the things we will cook and bake together.
They will be the second visitors of many.
Everyone, call and make your "reservations"
The charge is... your relaxation.
The besties, Laurie and Ann and "the girls"
are coming for the day next weekend
and Laurie and "the girls" are coming for a long weekend 
soon also. Oh, these visits are getting me excited
and I believe, even HOBL, who loves talking to 
a bunch of ladies, is looking forward to company.
We have the space and what is all of this peace if not
to be shared. Yes, HOBL and I love our time just us 
but we also love visitors. 
Next Tuesday afternoon I will be entertaining KD's family 
here in Plaq. who all are anxious to see the house.
Soon I will be planning the same get togethers with 
my TES friends and also planning a 
sister/niece/Hugh pajama party!
Oh I am loving the excitement!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Last Day of School!

For most of the children,
at least in Lafourche Parish, 
School ends today and summer vacation officially begins.
How I miss the excitement of a whole summer ahead of you
for lazy days spent by our family pool,
cold window units that froze every night because
it was too big for the room.
Open windows with sounds of Dursette Lane
Back rubs with sisters and nieces, listening to 
music on my orange round radio.
Monopoly games that got set up and left up for days
until the official game was over.
Staying up late and sleeping half the day.
Older siblings coming for extended visits with 
the nieces and nephews adounding.
BBQ's on weekends that so many were invited to
and went on into the wee hours of the morning.
Sister school, how I loved sister school when
visiting nuns would come to our church and teach us 
so much about God. 
Recreation, ahhhh, recreation!
Where each afternoon we walked to GMJH and 
participated in arts and crafts, baton twirling, dancing.
Plaisance snowballs, fishing with daddy after getting 
our Dufrene's bakery cookies at 4 am.
French fries served in those white wax coated bags
from Randolphs eaten on our cement porch as
my Daddy looked on into the happenings on the pool deck.
...and watermelons, plenty, plenty watermelons!
Yesterday I cut open and balled a whole watermelon
and it was so good, so sweet that it reminded me of 
those days on the pool porch eating watermelon and
having to sit out of the pool for half hour after so you didn't
get stomach cramps and drown.
My childhood was so much fun!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Not sure if it is the move or because it is summer
but seems as though there is not enough time in the day
to do all the things I want in a day.
This is not a bad thing as it has found me with no time
to be bored and positively looking at each day 
for the gift it truly is.
I find myself in the evening, not wanting to go to bed yet.
Find myself, excited to awaken each morning to get
my day started. My body loves waking early as do I
but it still seems to need that afternoon rest so I am
listening to the body.
Some days I feel overwelmed because I want to get
too much done in a day that I know just can't be done
then I remind myself that there is no "time"
to have things done anymore.
With the retirement I can go at my own pace,
change up the plans, knowing that tomorrow is another day.
I refuse to think about winter as the winter was
so terrible for me. Yet, sometimes it creeps up
and fear enters my mind.
I have so much I enjoy doing here right now,
like my afternoon strolls with the pups.
Love strolling in the new neighborhood
as there are so many different walks to take
with the golf course all being cemented with 
little bridges going over the waterways,
nature abounds. This life finds me very lonesome
for my Thibodaux friends sometimes but never, never
regretting the new beginning. Today I and Bean
are heading to Thib. to meet family for lunch and
to pop in to visit a few friends. Next Wednesday, same thing.
I realize this morning that I can, if I choose to, actually
land up spending more time with Thibby friends as
now I will plan to go for the purpose of visiting and taking
Bean with me assures that those same friends both
in Thib. and DTB will know her better than had I been
away from her. 
Scattered thoughts here today as my minds thoughts
come down on this blog without much planning.
All is good, life is good, going get ready for today's adventure.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Taking time for my creative side

HOBL has gone to work,
the home is quiet and I am a tad bit lonely for him
as it's the first time I have the home to myself.
Another thing that has been lacking since we began the move is
my creative side.
Aside of the project I did for my Malaina for Cajun Day
I have not had much time else for playing in 
my "new and Improved" scrap book room.
Earlier in the month I read this on another blog I follow
and I loved it because it says so much about me.
About the day I plan on having today:
This new scrap room is a gift, a beautiful, wonderful gift
that was part of this new home.
My own "WO"man cave.
Today, I will use it all day and celebrate the creative mind
I was given.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Seems as though blog has neglect written on it.

Yes, it's true, the blog has been the last thing I have had
time for which is why not much has been shared here.
This week should be able to get back on tract as
the home is all unpacked and HOBL goes back to work today
to rest. I haven't even journaled in weeks and I am missing that.
As much fun as it was to be able to pick up Bean early SAturday
morning because both her parents were vomiting, It wasn't fun when
Sunday morning at 330 am I also woke up throwing up and Bean decided
it was a fine time to play. I hated calling BB at that time of the morning but
Bean thought it was play time and I thought I might vomit all over her.
How she did not get sick after being all around us is amazing.
She had a little diarrhea but besides that, happy as ever.
This will be the first time I am in the new house without HOBL.
I jokingly say often I can't wait for him to go
but I really will miss him as it was nice to have him here
for the first few weeks in the new home.
So, as of today, hoping to get back to some Lilly time
to journal and read, blog and scrap.
Of course, and to do some blogging.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Who are the Jones' anyway?

HOBL has always wanted a generator to run the whole house
when the electricity goes off.
We we are now living in an area that we no longer
have to evacuate for storms so he finally
had that generator installed.
Now we can have the comforts if a storm puts out
our electricity. Upon having it installed
our new neighbors decided that they wanted a price for
a unit also. I asked them if they had decided to purchase one
and the answer was,
"Probably, we have to keep up with the Jones"
meaning us, the "new kids on the block".
We are not the jones and I have never liked
that saying. It's my issue I am sure.
If the Jones' started a marriage with not much
money between them who worked hard,
bought old homes and remodeled them then
sold them for profits until they could 
finally purchase a home of their dreams,
then I guess we are those people.
If those people said "no" to their children
many times for things that were not necessities
like 3-wheelers and expensive sports camps,
then we may be the Jones'.
If the Jones' were people who saved, saved, saved
even when the saving meant they had just enough
money to pay their bills and nothing extra, then
we fit the bill.
I never expected to live in such a grand but comfortable home.
Yet, the fact is, there has never been a home that 
I have lived in that I did not love.
Even our very first house post Hurricane Juan 
that was 800 square feet and costed
less than the vehicle we own now, I loved.
I loved it because both my children lived there.
It was the home we lived in when BB learned to 
walk and started school. It is the home we 
brought gypsy baby home to as a newborn.
Each home was where we needed to be at the time.
This one is a dream, one we could afford only because
of where it is, in Plaquemine which is almost like
moving back home to the bayou.
Real estate here is cheaper than Thibodaux.
HOBL has always worked hard to make each of our homes
a beautiful place but I have never heard him say
he liked any of them.
This home he has said many times,
"I like our new house"
For him, I see it as a reward for the hard work he has always done.
The beauty of the home for me is not only the material part
but that, like today, BB and Bean and Kd
can just drive over for lunch, to hang out.
Like yesterday, that in 20 minutes I can be at 
gypsy baby's apartment and we can spend the whole day together.
Another thing I have realized is that many think that 
if you live on the Island Country Club you are the "Jones"
But the truth is, what I have come to realize is that
all of the people I have met here in the country club 
are just like us, hard working people who take pride in what
they have accomplished, none born with a silver spoon in 
their mouth like I always imagined the "Jones" 
to have been.
Nope not the Jones' here, just the same old little 
Riera couple who have stuck with this life until 
the time came that we could own this beautiful home
without having to worry about their retirement future.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Croquet, anyone?

This morning, while surfing the internet for 
outdoor furniture, I come across this:
An old fashioned Croquet set.
The memories came flooding back and now
I must have a set for the new home.
I always wanted to get a good set for my babies
while they were growing up and there were a few
Christmas' that it actually made it to the list
but never to the purchase point.
This morning many childhood memories came
flooding back from our own Croquet games on
Dursette Lane in Golden Meadow.
C had gotten the set from I think Veronica,
who is her nannie. I don't remember if it was 
Christmas or her birthday and I don't think
it was in "fashion" that such year as the Collins
family never had enough cash to follow fashion.
I don't remember any of the other kids we played with
having a set. Us younger Collins'
had a cement hole in our back yard that we called
our swimming pool and we had a Croquet set.
And we didn't only just have it, we played it.
We played it often and we played it correctly.
I don't remember how many years it was popular being
set up in the front yard but I remember the stand
just like the one in the picture and I remember
our metal mouse holes were pretty bent up and
our balls had a few cracks in them when we finally
picked them up for good.
I can still remember the set up of the game and the hole idea
and I remember many, many hours and days of playing
that said game.
Now, I want a set. I want Bean to know the game of 
Croquet and I want us to take it out at get-togethers
and play a good game of Croquet here on
Village Drive.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Small Walmarts do have advantages...

When entering the Plaquemine Walmart for the first time
as being a consumer here, I was in shock.
When leaving the bayou and moving to Thibodaux,
it was like having entered Walmart heaven.
Huge is the only way to describe that Walmart to the
one my children were raised in.
Now, however, I am getting used to the quaintness of 
what I am now calling "Our Walmart"
and it does have many advantages.
For instance, there is never waiting in lines,
Not only that but there are not self check outs.
Not a one.
You recognize the cashiers as being the same one 
you saw the day before, and the day before that.
They may not remember you but they remember
the cute baby in your basket as being bean.
You feel like your shopping there is like
you are doing them a service.
Yes, they may not have those things you 
are used to buying with no problems
but they have all the necessary things.
Moving to Plaquemine in many ways,
has been like moving back home
to the small towns of Bayou Lafourche.
Although I had grown accustomed to the advantages
of a bigger town such as Thibodaux,
the adjustment has not been hard because
of where I came from.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

5/9/08 vs. 5/8/09

You may think the mix up between these two days
non-important, easily done.
Except, for me, these two dates are very different 
and, in my mind, should be set in stone.
Except it's not and it wasn't yesterday,
when I mixed up these two dates 
and forgot to wish baby boy and Kd 
a very happy third anniversary.
I am not one to forget important dates
but the small part of me that must be dyslexic
did it. 
So one day late, even though I thought it was today,
I have to say...
You two make marriage look easy,
although I know it isn't always.
You two have something that many marriages lack,
a friendship within the confines of the love
you have for each other.
You two show how a marriage has to be two 
becoming one and a third becoming a family.
I say it often, just how lucky Bean is that 
her parents are literally "each others best friend"
Although you both have separate interests,
you try and remember that time together 
is still very important. I love the way
the two of you always have each others back.
You guys are what I think many should model
their marriages on.
Congrats on three years of marriage,
I hope after another 30, you find that 
you are still friends and the love you feel now
is just as fresh as it was on
Love you, guys!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


If you keep up at all with the book world,
you must have heard of the book called
BY EL James
I have heard the name of the book come off a few
peoples lips but wasn't sure what all the hype was about.
Then yesterday while riding in car listening to talk radio
CNN informs me that it is so juicy, so nasty
that it is being considered pornography to some
libraries and taken off the shelves of those libraries.
Well, now I am intriqued.
I am not one to read Playboy or Playgirl,
not for the pictures nor the articles
as some insist they have the mags for.
Yet, I am always interested on any topic
that breaches the rights that are mines
by living in the good ol' US of A.
Because libraries are owned by the people,
then all books should be able to be read there.
Now I have to see what it is all about.
First thing I did when I had a free moment last night?
Downloaded it to my Ipad of course.
Going to begin reading today for sure.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Good Luck, Owen

Today many will be traveling to Golden Meadow
for the big event of Owen's communion.
To our family, such events are as important as a birthday party.
Unfortunately, this is the first time that the distance
from the family I love comes in to play as a negative.
I have had some issues with long car rides lately
and two days ago went to Thib. and back and it put
me resting for the rest of the day.
I won't be making the GM voyage today.
Good luck to Owen and congrats to his parents
for I know the job it is to bring up children in the
Catholic faity, especially when you have 4 of those critters!
I am hoping for beautiful weather as following the 
service, there will be a blow up water play thing
as well as a big lunch for all.
Will miss the Plaisance family and all those who will 
I love you Owen,
"Miss Bossy Pants"
Auntie Lil

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The loss of my wedding ring

Of all things to loose with the move,
the only thing lost of all that was moved...
My wedding ring.
I am very saddened by this.
HOBL told me the other night,
"Okay, Lil it's lost just let it go, stop talking about it"
but it's not that simple to a sentimental girl like me.
It was not an expensive ring, not what the 
professionals say, two months of your salary.
It actually costed under 600 dollars back in 1984
but it was mines, given to me by HOBL 
and although I rarely wore it because the "chip of a diamond"
was high and in nursing would pop my gloves
so I never got in the habit of wearing it,
opted for my plain gold band that was actually HOBL's
band that I had cut down to fit me.
When I did wear it or even see it in my jewelry box
it alway gave me a comforting feeling.
After 28 years, I still loved it and all it stood for.
All the good times and all the hard times of the marriage,
the ring was there.
It stood, for me, as the symbol of being in the 
marriage for life. I still get upset each day I think of it.
IF it meant so much to me, I guess
I should have put it in my purse instead of 
the cheap jewelry box that all the rest of my 
costume jewelry got moved in.
I honestly thought it would be safe with the rest of the things.
I know it wasn't stolen but lost.
It was packed in the jewelry box in another box that was sealed.
I didn't notice it was missing until Thursday night when I came to put
it on to go eat out. It was the only thing missing in all the jewels 
that meant nothing to me.
I know if it fell in the bigger box it was in, it is lost forever
as every box is gone.
I will miss it forever, as I always loved it and it 
always gave me a peaceful feeling when I looked at it,
a warm fuzzy...

Friday, May 4, 2012

Titanic scene played out on Village Drive

Another one of the best things about the new home
is that HOBL and I have been making it through the whole night
in the king size bed I insisted on.
Before our bed was so small and the pups crowded our space
so one of us always landed up sleeping somewhere else.
The new bed is so big, that we each could get lost in it
and I have to sit up in bed to see if he is still in there in the night.
Every night when I awaken, I take Jake to do his business on 
his puppy pad.
Last night, I could not find him in the bed.
Because he is too afraid to jump off the bed, I knew he was in
the massiveness of a king size bed.
I didn't want to wake HOBL up, so at first I sleepily began
to feel around for him.
Then I began calling his name in a sleepy, whispery voice,
"Jake, jake, jake...."
yet I still couldn't find him. Next thing I know I am on all fours
on the bed just whispering over and over but a little more
panicky this time,
"Jake... Jake, Jake"
Then all of a sudden in my wierd mind the scene
from Titanic comes to mind.
Where Kate Winslet, Rose, wakes up in the water
freezing and can barely speak as she hangs on to 
a large piece of wood.
"Jack.." she starts of low and calmly.
She tries to get louder as she panics realizing
that Jack has slipped into death,
"Jack, Jack, Jack..."
and I don't know why but I started laughing to myself
with that image in my mind...
"Jake, jake, jake.."
I finally find him and bring him on his paper
but as I sit on the throne to do my own business, I am 
still laughing to myself...
"Jake, jake....."
This morning it still is putting a smile on my face.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Malaina and Jean Lafitte

I bet that title had you guessing this morning!
Yesterday HOBL and I made arrangements to have his MRI
done in Thibodaux so we could meet Me-Me 
(What I call my sweet Malaina)
on her class trip to the Jean Lafitte tour in Thibby.
I was going to go anyway because this child
has called me and texted me at least 20 times
in regards to seeing me when she went on her class trip.
My me-me is pretty persistent.
I knew it was important to her so I was going to meet her
there come "hell or high water".
... and just as usual, 
I gained by being there just to see her face
when she saw us. Just to see her
leave her class line when her teacher told the class
to stay in line. Just to feel her little arms around
my neck like she had not seen me in years.
Well, it was all worth it.
She did the same thing when she saw HOBL.
She broke her arm over the weekend,
wanted me and HOBL to sign the cast
and, that was it...
It's all she wanted for us.
She didn't expect us to stay for the 
whole Jean Lafitte tour,
she didn't expect us to buy her anything.
All she wanted, all that was important to her was...
to see us.
That little Malaina always makes me feel so special to her.
Her next task, hitting me up to go to her 
school and teach her class something about scrapbooking... lol.
On May 15th she expects to see me again.
It's cajun day at her school.
I am put on some type of presentation on scrapbooking.
I have wracked my brain on how to draw those
two things together Cajuns and crafts.
I think I have the idea and she loves it!
She just thinks I am the most talented aunt Lil on earth.
I am so proud to be her Aunt.
She was one special little girl 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

KD birthday

 Yesterday was DIL, Kd's birthday!
She and baby boy are now the same age.
It was nice to be able to celebrate with her and her
parents and brother at her parents home last night.
Had we still been in Thibby, don't know if we
would have made to trip here.
 There are so many positives that are coming from the move.
Celebrating the best daughter-in-laws birthday
was definitely one of the pros.
 I am not sure if these pictures are from her first or second 
birthday but either way, her mannerisms and her looks
in these pictures remind me of Bean so much.
She has her DeDa's hair color and his eye color
but much of her reminds me of her mommy.
As for KD, I always knew she would be a good mother.
Yet, she has over-exceeded what I ever imagined.
Bean is so lucky to have KD as her mother.
 She knows this child like no one else does.
Knows what every whimper, what every cry, what
every laugh is about.
She has the patience with bean that all children deserve
but so many never get that.
I love you, Kd,
you are the greatest!
It is so nice to have a daughter in law who 
is also such a good friend, who is from a family that
I call friends also.
Happy birthday to a wonderful woman and Mother!