Saturday, March 12, 2011

wet aunt Jeanie kisses

I probably should be blogging about the
Japan Tsunami disaster but it is too depressing for me
today as we prepare for our little Jillian.
So, yesterday was speaking to my cousin, Fay
on facebook and explaining wet aunt Jeanie kisses
and realized many do not even know what that means
when I sign,
"Wet Aunt Jeanie kisses"
Figured it was warranting a blog entry on this
beautiful Saturday Morning.
I have this wonderful Aunt Jeanette.
She loves big and a lot.
The one thing she is known for in our family
is her wet kisses.
While growing up you could not escape
the kiss of Aunt Jeanie.
It consisted of a big, big pucker that
was saliva stained and left its mark
long after the kiss was planted.
I loved those kisses but not every one did.
So when you kissed someone and the wetness
stayed for some time it was called an
Aunt Jeanie kiss.
Here came the babies and I slathered them with
big wet Aunt Jeanie kisses.
Although they didn't know Aunt Jeanie like I did
they knew the story and when they received the
real ones from Aunt Jeanie at Mardi Gras time they
understood just what a Aunt Jeanie kiss consisted of.
So they, the babies, perfected the kiss.
You had to lick your lips really, really good
around and around until they were really wet
then the pucker had to be big, big so as
to leave the wetness on the person receiving
for a long long time.
The babies perfected the kiss and I am pretty good
at giving them.
So if ever you get a letter or email from me and the
salutation says,
"Big wet Aunt Jeanie kisses to you"
you know exactly what you are getting
the best kiss ever!

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