Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Another wedding...

Yes, so far, two weddings for 2013 for our big family.
Miki, Rosie's son, has asked his wonderful girlfriend, Sayra
to marry him. The answer, of course, yes!

I saw the above picture last night on facebook and it made me cry.
I am not one to believe on blaming the decisions you make in your life
on the hard life you may have been given as a younger person.
This picture is Sayra's dad and my dear Miki having built a toy box
for his own son, Sy.
It choked me up because this boy, well he had lacked a male influence
for some time having lost his dad at 12.
Dr. Phil tells us the strongest bond for a child is the one
of the same sex parent. Miki hadn't had a good role model in that area
since his dad died. Doc, Rosie's second husband was a great role model
but came into his life after he had made many, many mistakes in his life
and was an adult.
He died before Miki could experience the wholeness of his love.
So, this picture here, the arm around this man, the smile on their faces,
I am just so incredible happy for my nephew and his awesome
soon to be father in law.
I have not met Sayra's dad in person, but would love to tell him 
thank you, thank you, thank you, for loving my nephew 
in the way he has not had in some time.
A manly bond, every man should have one if not more.
These two cuties, Miki's children,
Cameron and Sy are such great little children.
He has worked so, so hard to become a father to Cami again.
Many men, would have given up but not him.
Once he got his life together, which took much time,
he was not going to give up the battle to be in her life.

Then there is this picture, his future wife, Sayra and their
sweet, sweet, Silas, known to most as Sy.
This child came to them when they thought it was not possible.
Linked their circle to make a family.
I am so very happy for all of them.
Sy will only know the love of two great parents free from
the bonds of the devils that trapped them before he came.
Life is good for these four right now.
Miki and I have always shared a little saying with each other,
when seeing each other we would always say,
"Where you been all my life"
He was really young when this started.
When I heard of the engagement I sent him a message...
"I finally found the answer to 'where you been all my life'
the whole time you have been right here, in my heart"
He sent me back the most beautiful text.
One that I will treasure forever explaining how
thankful he was for me that through all his life travels, mistakes,
I have always been there for him.
This boy, his two children, this beautiful woman,
they deserve all the goodness in the world,
they have worked hard for it, not believing that
it should be handed to them.
I love you all!

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