Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lance Armstrong

I am not sure how I feel about the news of Lance Armstrong.
I watched and listened to most of his interview with
Oprah and of course, he was guilty.
Guilty of lying, guilty of doping, guilty to take
the awards given to him that was won while doping.
Yet, then I think of Livestrong, his cancer survival.
He survived a cancer that gave him only a 50% chance
for survival, through this, he began livestrong.
Every where you went you saw yellow bracelets
with the words livestrong and you knew by just
looking at it what it meant, what it stood for.
Millions of dollars were made to be donated
to finding cures for cancers, for research.
He did this, doping was not a part of this.
He not only survived the cancer,
but used his name and his popularity to
raise monies for families that suffered.
I don't feel like this should be taken away from him.
Yes, his medals, those he does not deserve but
we are all people that are multifaceted.
Should we be judged by bad decisions we have all made
to loose all the good we have done?
If I had been a terrible nurse, made bad decisions and lost my license,
should I be judged as  bad parent if  I was a wonderful mother.
Yes, I may loose my license but would I deserve
to loose my children? Nope, not fair!
Sure many will disagree with my thoughts here.
Livestrong, no matter what is taken from him,
will be linked to Lance Armstrong.
This is my opinion, of course.
Lilbit of my world...

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