Tuesday, January 15, 2013

CREATE happened yesterday

I am soooo pleased to finally say...
Once I got in there, started organizing I came across
 two vintage frames gypsy baby found months ago and gave 
to me, that's all it took.
These frames, as beautiful as they are, really are plastic.
They were filled with a burlap back and tacky dried flowers.
The bubble glass was actually plastic and one was ruined.
I began to take them apart and as I did, my excitement grew
and I thought over and over,
"Thank you, gypsy, thank you, gypsy!"
At first I thought I would paint these frames but once they
were apart from the other pieces and I saw the fine details of
each, I just could not paint them. Once I rinsed all the dust off 
of them, all the different shades of the wood color came to
life and I was in love.
 When the dried flowers came out, I saw the beautiful 
worn down burlap that was used as the background.
I decided to leave that.
If you look closely at the first picture, you will see the orange
hand with a face and there are two tags that were stickers.
This was Bean's first art project, done in July in the scrap room.
I knew I wanted to do something with it besides just having 
it taped to the wall, which is where it was.
I placed it in the middle of the burlap and started building
around it. I wrote on one tag, some of her favorite things to do
and say right now. Once I was finished, I placed the one 
bubble plastic/glass over this one.
I loved the way it came out. 
With the second frame, I knew I would not be able to use the
bubble glass/plastic on this one so I could add bulky things to it.
I have a wall in my home called the family wall
where I have scrapped many different things and placed them
randomly under a hanging that says,
"All because two people fell in love"
I know tacky, right? the boys laughed at it when they saw 
the sign but they secretly are happy their pictures are found under the sign. lol
Anyhow, on this wall, I have pictures of the family all as children and then
as grown up ending with a picture of our bean, each created not just framed.
I tell everyone the only thing missing was a wedding pic of BB and KD.
The second frame was going to perfect for this.
At first, was going to just put one picture of BB and Kd at
the wedding but as I went through all their wedding pictures
I realized that the union did not just happen between those two
but welded Kd into the whole family.
I chose a few that told that story for me.
The top flower is from gypsy baby's flowers from the wedding.
The piece of broken china is also special to me.
After my last surgery, my special friends,
the Degruise's ( Emily, Elise, Patricia and Blair)
gave me home grown flowers in this beautiful coffee cup and saucer.
I accidentally broke the cup and was so sad about it that
I saved the pieces, knowing I just had to use them on a project
somewhere so as never to forget this beautiful family.
This was a perfect place to use it as a mock flower vase.
We love a good game of scrabble, even though we rarely play anymore
but spelling Riera with them brings back those memories also.
There is only one thing missing that will be added,
the beautiful broach that was on gypsy's dress from the wedding.
Both of these pieces will be soon placed on my family wall.
I am happy to say, that my creative juices are flowing once again.

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