Thursday, January 3, 2013


One little word is known to those in the blog and scrapping
world. Each year we ask ourselves to pick one word
to be our focus word for the year.
I have never officially done this in years past and last year
really wanted to do it but with the move and HOBL's 
injury, just lost my focus.
This year, I am determined to do this.
For the last three days I have thought of a word to speak
for me, one word to drive my whole year by.
my one little word?
At first, I was not sure this was broad enough for all I want
2013 to be. Then, I pulled out my trusty little iPhone with
it's Websters dictionary and I read,
1) To bring into existence.
2) to invest in a new form, office or rank.
3) to produce or bring about by a course of action or behavior.
4) To produce through imaginative skill and to design.
I want to scrap and work on my crafts more, 
I want to produce something of pride at least 5 days a week.
I want to use the beautiful scrap "WoMAN" cave
I am so blessed to have. 
I also want to create a healthier lifestyle, to get
my old weight back, to be happy, peaceful.
So yes, my one little word for 2013 is
Try this out for yourself as you work on your New Years Resolutions.
I plan on sharing how I incorporate my word throughout the year.

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