Sunday, January 27, 2013

Oprah channel and a miracle

I am in the process of completing the reading of one
book out of many called
There are many new books right now written by many people,
some even by children, on their near death experience
who have claimed to have entered Heaven.
This book, however, had me intrigued.
I am happy to see him on Oprah the next chapter this morning.
Dr. Alexander is not only just a doctor but he is 
a neurosurgeon, dealing with the brain.
He knows how the brain works and was also an atheist prior to
his diagnosis and week coma because of meningitis.
Before his illness he believed that all near death stories from his
patients were a result of a brain function.
He explains the medical odds that his percent of surviving this
illness was 2 percent by the end of the week and 
his wife was told that if he did survive, he would never 
be cognitive again. However, here he is on Oprah 
explaining his story in clarity of a completely healed,
smart man that he was before.
Once he awakened and began to study his own
MRI's he realized that to have had his experience been brain based
the part of his brain that was dead would have had to be 
functioning for his story to have been brain based.
I am enjoying the interview with Oprah better than the book.
Not that the book is not awesome and has me even more
convinced of Heaven and God,
but that his writing is not the type I am used to.
Yet, this man, this atheist, has so much detail to his story,
proves to me, there is a God, there is a Heaven and
all of us should not give up our hard work on Earth to
get where we all want to go after this life has ended.

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