Monday, January 7, 2013


I know, my ONE LITTLE WORD for 2013 is
and I have not created one thing yet....
it is already day 7 and...NOtta...
Have to take out the camera more, have to commit to posting
creativity here, so I have something to answer to.
However, although I have not actually created, I have been 
reading, reading books on finding my creativity again,
matter of fact, HOBL and I, laid low yesterday and did absolutely nothing
but watch tv and I read... Gee a day like that every once in a while is 
needed. Of, course, we rested so much yesterday that we couldn't sleep last night,
I like waking up early though so all is good.
Today, hoping Bean can come with me for a quick visit to the Mommee.
Bean was a little under the weather yesterday so hoping she feels
well enough to come with me. 
When I get home, going to force myself to go into my scraproom and
do some creating, don't matter what it is, just have to start the 
creative juices flowing....
Today all my school friends and kiddies return...
Sometimes, I miss having a school to go to following a holiday
but changing that attitude also.
How fortunate I am to have been able to retire at and early age
giving me so much time for those things that the working class
can mostly just dream about. 
Need to create., need to create, need to create...
First, a visit to sweet Mommee!


  1. You are creating, memories.

  2. heyyy, hadn't thought of it that way... thanks, whomever you are..