Friday, January 11, 2013

Today, no excuses..

I am having none of my excuses today to go into my
scraproom and play. I seem to have a block in my creativity
which makes it just a tad bit hard to follow through
with my ONE WORD challenge.
Yes, my friend reminds me that even though I am not 
using my hands to create, I am still creating... memories.
Yet, I want to find my passion again in my creative world.
I look at things others are doing and I get this overwhelmed feeling
which is different for me as before I loved a challenge, taking
someone else's idea and turning into something of my own liking.
I decided today, that to start me going, I am going to just
make bunches of cards.
Going to use all those special things I don't do anymore
like embossing, glittering, stickling...
I have a list of people I want to send some mail love to 
and have yet to have done it.
Today is the day, today is the best day, today
is the best day of my life...

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