Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sully finds a new home

I often talk of my TES school family.
There are so many I still hold dear to my heart and 
keep in touch with. One of those families is the Albert's.
Faith, the momma is a teacher there and I met
Maggie when she was three years old and would come
to visit her Mommy at school. I watched her grow up until I left
and she transferred to the charter school.
We had a special bond as every day after school, Mags 
had to take off her shoes and I would chase her all around the old TES
to tickle her feet. She is a sweetheart.
her family is also special as they foster children who need a break
from their family life.
They are actually, right now in the process of adopting two of their
foster children to be their own. 
I have admired them since they first started fostering and if it would
be up to Faith, she would have a house full of children.
So now to the story. I had not seen the Alberts for  some time
but I followed them on Facebook as they did me.
One day BB posts how Bean is obsessed with Monsters INC.
the movie. Had to watch it every night and would not change
the movie any nights. She was acting out parts, singing the songs.
Maggie, who follows the Bean antics on facebook tells
her mother that she wants Bean to have sully.
 This is a big deal for more than one reason.
Mags loved Monsters Inc. also and bought this Sully on a trip
to Disney world. He held a place of honor in her room
and even though she has two new sisters, she
wanted her Sully to go to Bean.
How special is this? She sends me the above picture
telling me that Sully is ready to go live in a new home.
I am so touched by her unselfish giving of one of her own
special toys bought at Disney.
I go to pick it up one day last week and Mags is so 
excited and proud to hand him over. I tell her thank 
you so many times and she tells me that they all follow Bean
on facebook and my blog and her older sister, Kayla is
almost obsessed with Bean pictures and stories.
I think this is so special. The way that Bean can be
the one they love and follow on Facebook just swells my heart.
I ask her a few times is she sure, does she not want to give this 
special friend to one of her new sisters?
All she requests is pictures of Bean when the gift is given.
I can't wait to give it to her.
This is her face when she sees Sully.
 I know she can't yet understand just how special this sully is,
how a little girl gave up her prized possession just to make her happy.
Yet, one day, she will know, as I will continue to tell her the
story each time I see her with Sully which I know will be often.
She loved up on Sully a few times. 
Thanks Mags, for such a special gift to our most
special girl. Now, you two will be forever linked.
Maybe one day, we will pay it forward and as Bean gets older,
maybe we will pass Sully on to some other little child who falls
in love with the character on Monsters, Inc.
If this happens you can be assured that your story will
always be added to the gift giving.
You are one special young lady and I,
your "Nurse Lilly" will always, always hold you in 
a special place in my heart.
Love to all the Albert's.

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