Monday, January 28, 2013

love visits...

Over last week I have had company. 
The company took away from the quietness of the home,
I am grateful for this, love when company comes.
Above, my first visit was from Allison, known as Alli Cat.
The first night she was here, I am sure both our heads were 
spinning as we had so much to catch up on.
Neither of us shut up for a minute at a
I love bringing my visiting friends to my favorite spots here
in Plaquemine and Alli and I also were able to spend the
most beautiful day in Denham Springs.
I will forever be thankful for the meal she cooked for all of us.
Both BB and gypsy baby made it here for her awesome supper
and to visit. That does not happen often, that both
the kiddies can meet here and visit.
Gypsy baby even took the night off to come and visit and eat.
Kd, Bean, and Kelmiester also shared in the visit.
Thanks, Alli for getting my little family together.
Told her the only thing that could have made it better
was if her hubby, Bryan and HOBL had been here.
Another thing I need to thank Alli for,
she reminds all that we should be lucky for our spouse.
She is still a newlywed in the eyes of her speeches.
After many years of being a single momma, working three
jobs sometimes to care for her son, my godchild, has always
been admired by me. 
She was not in to handouts, would rather work hard to 
provide for him. Today, she deserves the husband she 
has been given who works hard, allows her to stay home
and spoil him rotten and that she does.
She reminded me of how I should be appreciative for me hubby.
She is forever saying,
"I am so lucky, I have the best husband"
"My husband is so good to me, I love spoiling him"
All her talk of her adoration for her hubby makes me
realize that I do not give my HOBL enough credit. 
He too, works hard so I can stay home instead of having to
work to take care of myself.
Her son, my godchild, Rick is a navy man,
having decided to make this his career, she is so prouf of him
as she should be, her parenting turned out a smart man
who serves our country.
I remind her that she has to take most of the credit for how he
turned out. I know what she went though, how hard she 
worked to provide for her son.
Now, he is grown and it is her turn to enjoy life and
a wonderful marriage. 
Vacations, he takes her on vacations, I don't think Alli 
has ever taken vacations the way this man gives her.
When Alli is here, we probably talk to much.... lol
It was quiet when she left here, even a little lonely but
it was okay because that very same afternoon...
This above young friend, known as Katie the neighbor,
came in to spend a night with me.
I call her Katie the neighbor ever since our KD became
a part of the Riera family.
Geeze, how I love, love, love this girl!
Katie the neighbor is one year older than gypsy baby
but she and I, are closer friends than she and gypsy baby ever was.
It is because we both enjoy crafting, making things and bargains.
It was a normal thing for Katie to walk over and scrap with me
any day of the week. She is one of the things I miss the most
about Lee Drive. WE used to call Katie the neighborhood watch.
She always pops in to check on neighbors, making sure all was well.
She and I text often, talk some and having a visit from her is
like having one of my own kiddies over to play.
No pressure in a Katie the neighbor visit.
My girl is getting married in July to her highschool love, Brent.
We have much of the same taste, love scrapping and crafting
so it is what we did while she was here, worked on
things for the wedding.
I am sure when people see us together, they probably think
she is my daughter but she really is a wonderful friend to me.
A young adult with an old soul, you can count on Katie for
anything. I mean, she is the one who went and stayed with
my Mommy until Rosie could get to Thibodaux so
Mommy would not be alone when she fell ill. She is awesome,
I know her parents are so proud of this child.
As for me, I love her, I consider her one of my favorite people
to hang out with. she and Meghan are my young friends who
love to play with me. Oh, what a great week it has been.

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  1. Awe sweet Lilly this is so beautiful what you wrote brought tears to my eyes. Thanks so much for being my son's godmother & being such a great friend. I love you.