Friday, January 25, 2013

What a month...

For my South Lafourche class of 1981, it has been
some kind of month!
One of our classmates and a friend of mine,
Merian began a facebook page a while back meant
for all of us to keep up with the news of our classmates.
I am so thankful for her doing this as this month as been
one to stay in touch and to share love and support.
There was the loss of Billy's daughter
and the loss of T-George.
Another classmate, Linda buried her brother.
Then a few mornings ago, Lydia, another classmate
lost her mother in a car accident.
To go to our site and read all the supportive and kind things
shared there are wonderful. 
It's been a hard month for the class of 1981.
Yesterday I am reading the comment meant for Lydia
and one simple word from one hurting friend to another,
Billy begins his comment with the word, Mull....
and I get choked up. A simple word that all of my
classmates knows what it means,
short for Mulligan a name that was known to our whole class
as our class president, Lydia was called Mulligan.
This word typed on a facebook post reminded me of just 
how much comfort we all get from each other,
brought me back to a time many years ago.
That we share things that many others do not know what it means.
For Billy, who is having a hard time right now realizing 
his baby girl is gone, reaches out to Lydia shows love of
a class. Thanks to Merian to have started the wall,
thanks to all who share there, keep us all up to date with each other.
Another reason I am thankful for Facebook.
Prayers for "Mull" and all those who are suffering with
Love to the South Lafourche class of 1981.

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