Thursday, January 24, 2013

RIP T-George

Today a dear friend and classmate of 1981 will be laid to rest
in Golden Meadow, with the services in our childhood church
Our Lady of Prompt Succor church.
The very same church that he and I were baptized in,
made our communion and confirmation in.
Now he will take the last Catholic sacrament as he is buried.
In first grade I had two square dance partners at GMLE.
One was George Bouzigard. Because we square danced together,
I had a crush on him that year.
The small town of Golden Meadow had us going to school 
every day together, church on Sundays.
Our friendship was rekindled again thanks to Facebook.
A few years ago, he and my niece, Tiffany had a few dates
and us three got into a nightly habit of Facebook chatting.
It was fun, we joked, reminisced of old times.
I am thankful for these chats. This man, he was an honorable man.
He always, always, shared of his wonderful sons, he was so proud
of each of them and wanted to take no credit for the wonderful
men they were turning out to be. I reminded 
him often that they were who they were because 
of the wonderful dad he was.
He was one to actually scroll the list of people on facebook 
at the time and always, if I was on, he sent me some kind 
of message and we caught up.
Often, our chats were about the great meal he was cooking
because his boys were coming.
His sons will miss him, I will miss him.
May heaven be brighter, happier, because
T-George has walked through the doors.

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