Monday, January 21, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things

Yesterday, Myself and the sisters, minus one,
met at the manor to declutter mom's apartment to make
room for a twin bed. As we spring cleaned, I found
her old standing sewing box that I have always loved as a
child and wanted as an adult.
The sisters and Mom told me to take it now as it was just gathering dust
and taking up room in a closet that we needed to store her wheelchair.
I was very excited. Funny how a material thing can bring back
fond memories of times past.
It is why I love vintage. Mom did not sew often but did
try and sew me a few things as a child. It usually consisted
on many try-ons and not only momma frustrated but me 
silently knowing I would never wear that!
Having this memory stays with me even this morning 
as I unload the dishwasher. I realize none of my dishes match.
I love this as it is so much more fun to find things that either
have a story, evoke a memory, or just makes me smile.
If you eat at my home, noting will match but if you want
the story to any dish, I probably have one for you.
I love each piece I buy, whether it was purchased at a garage sale,
on a sale rack or it was given to me, it will not match.
As I continue to unload the dishwasher, I wonder what memories
my Bean will have from her Mumsie's house. I serve most of 
her snacks in a little plastic pudding cup that has fancy swirls.
She can hold them and carry them all around the house without spilling.
I know she loves these cups because she goes to the drawer where
I keep them and waits for me to pull one out for her.
I lost my only surviving grandparent when I was 5.
She spoke only french and I have very few memories of her.
My favorite is when myself, C and Rosie would walk there
to get money to go to Dufrene's bakery or Choust drugstore for her.
Always, she gave us money for the purchases in a small black
coin purse. Would tell us in french, 
"Sa-Sue" or Nickel in french. She would give us each a nickel to 
buy a cookie or something we wanted.
My memory of her is a small black coin purse.
Also, growing up, there were many things in my home that
could bring up the best sentimental feelings ever.
When I search a antique store and I come across something
that sparks a memory in me, I get very excited.
Like when I found and was given this radio.
This week, friend, alli is coming spend a few days
and I am hoping this amazing weather continues as we are 
planning on a trip to Denim Springs, there I am in 
search for a round, blue milk glass sugar container
with a stainless steel top that opened separately on either
side and had a small opening for a spoon.
We shared breakfast with this little sugar bowl every morning.
I want on to bring those memories to my home.

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