Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Years to all, family and friends,
near and far....
It's that time again, to reflect on the last year, 
reminisce  of the old times,
looking forward to the new one, especially since it
did not end 12/21/12!
Thinking back on the year, personally for me, it has
been one of the hardest mentally for me for a long time.
As they say,
"What which doesn't kill you make you stronger"
Thankfully the wonderful moments were enough to balance the
year in review. 
We bought this beautiful home in Plaquemine, so we could
be closer to Bean. This move was the biggest transition for me.
I had a delayed reaction to the term, 
We moved into this home and I realized it is the first home
I have ever moved to that my children were not a part of 
the move and that triggered something I had buried inside of me.
It took a while to bond to the house,
HOBL broke his back and we were challenged with 
that as we tested those vows we made,
"For better or worst"
I realized that it is the most time we have ever spent together
in one amount a time since we are married.
It was not easy, it brought back lots of memories
but it also made me realize that I, being the Catholic I am, 
believe in marriage. I love the bond that those words mean to me.
I still am trying to get used to the forced retirement,
the chronic pain thing. I am still very hard on myself
adjusting that it is my life.
It is hard to live with a medical issue that cannot be seen from 
the outside, most people don't understand something they can't see,
shoot, even I don't even understand it, how can I expect others 
to do so...
What has been good, amazing?
My daughter, gypsy baby coming to a place where she is comfortable
with being gay, so proud to be her momma.
She has been the one to teach me about being different from me.
That she is, different from all of our family,
to love her is to appreciate her. 
My Baby boy, being able to spend time with him more often is grand.
I am hoping this is the year we fish lots together.
I am so very proud of the daddy and husband he is to his girls.
Then there is our Bean, oh our Bean....
Unless you are a grandmother, you can't even begin to understand what
being a Mumsie is to a person....
To be able to be a figure of love to another baby is awe- inspiring.
As she grows, I beam with pride to the fact that she is the one,
she is the one that God decided was best for our family,
he hit the nail on the head!
I can go on and on.... I won't...
So here I sit, with 2013 here....
Yep, going to blog it again,
this is the year I get my body in shape again.
Going to loose weight, lower that cholesterol to manageable numbers
that require no medications. 
When i was younger, each Lenten holiday I gave up chocolate,
every year. This year, giving it up for the whole year,
will only forgive myself on my birthday.
This is the year that my family will not be happy with the fact that
me dessert days, cooking and baking them will be far and few between.
This is the year that HOBL and I will celebrate 29 years of marriage,
I am going to make it the best, with help from him of course.
I am getting back to my roots, those things that make me, me.
Going to journal more, starting daily  until I get back into the swing of it.
Going to really begin on the book writing, not sure if it will
be a children's book or a memoir but going to do some creating.
Going to make 2013 the year I spend more time in the "woMAN cave"
even if it means just sitting in there until I get my "MOJO" going
again. I have to create, it is in my being, I have to send personal things
in the mail, love letters, homemade cards but this year I have been lax.
It is one of those things, if you don't do it, you will loose it.
I want to loose this weight and then treat myself to a fashion shopping trip.
Oh, so many things running through my head... this is the year,
make it the very best thing you have ever seen!
Love to all!

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