Friday, January 18, 2013


I follow a page on facebook called
I am not sure how I came across this page
but so glad I have, because, by following the Browns
I do believe I and all the others who follow and pray,
are being a true witness to a miracle.
The story behind their title is this,
Sean and Heather were married and while Sean
was serving our country in Afghanistan,
Heather suffered a stroke with a bleed to her brain.
She was 34 weeks pregnant for a sweet baby boy, John.
John was born via C-section as an emergency at the
same time the service began having his daddy come home.
He, Sean was the first Brown to return home.
The second Brown to return home was sweet John.
After a few weeks in the NICU, he was well enough
to come home.
Now, bringing home the last Brown, Heather has been the 
hardest struggle by far as she has remained in a comatose state
since her brain bleed. The physicians were not very optimistic
of her regaining any of her old self.
However, her hubby, Sean and all who love her have
a different outlook on this and are doing all in their power,
and praying to God for the powers they do not possess,
to have her awake to a full recovery.
Reading their posts, seeing pictures of baby John lying in 
his mothers arms, will have you routing for them.
Over the last month she has shown much improvement as 
she begins to open her eyes on command, follow some simple
movements when asked. 
This family is amazing with all they are doing to get a full recovery.
Pray for the Browns to all come home,
follow them if you are interested in watching a miracle take place.

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