Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fernando Botero

If you follow me on facebook and Instagram, then
you know my search for this painting ended with
 my friend, Dolly finding me one on ebay and ordering it.
Yet, my infatuation with this artist has not ended.
His name is Fernando Botero.
I am known for enjoying weird paintings that tell a story,
like the one of "SHAVON" that hangs in my breakfast nook.
I decided that the above painting will hang on one of the corner walls
over my jacuzzi tub and now I am in search for the other that
will live on the other corner wall.
As I search for the one for the other wall,
I have become in love with this artist' work.
I find that he has hundreds of pieces and yet the are all easy
to spot as his work because of the way he paints,
mostly heavy set people, more women than men.
Some of the women portraits or nude paintings.
I am having trouble deciding which goes on the other wall.
His artwork brings a sense of whimsical to my world.
I admire all of his works as I read of his life and realize that there
is not one of his paintings that I love more than the other.
Take a look at his awesome works, you will see what I mean.
Ugh, I do not need another collection....
Maybe one more reproduced painting and a picture book of his other
works will do the trick.
Either way, I am obsessed with my hunt.
Happy Sunday!

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