Thursday, January 31, 2013

how happy these make me...

 Every morning I begin my day with a cup or two of coffee, 
sitting on the sofa with my pups and checking my emails.
When I see one from the Manor or Natalie, the event coordinator,
those I open first.
This morning I am so happy to see these.
 Since Christmas we all have been a little concerned about Momma,
her weight loss, how forgetful she is, how bad
her dementia is, how confused she gets when not 
at the manor. We made some changes, decluttered her
apartment, added a real twin bed instead of just the
sleeper sofa so that we could be comfortable 
when staying there if she needs us or gets sick.
We have decided that removing her from the manor
for more than a day make us feel better but confuses
her so much that we won't be doing it anymore.
We have made these changes knowing that with
each year that passes, is one less year we have with her.
So this morning, to get these pictures from Natalie,
and I smile big and I almost want to cry with gratitude.
For the love these people who are not family give to our momma.
She is not just a resident there, she is a person, a human being,
who is entertained by the things they set up for her to do.
Every once in a while, I get scared for her,
and then I see this and am so, so, so thankful 
for this place called St. Joseph Manor.
So thankful that our dear mother is able to live there.
So thankful that my daddy fought in a war to 
protect our country and because of this my Mom is
protected by an extra check from the government that makes
this place possible for her.
To be 92 and still have the quality of life she has
and to have people who surround her when we cannot and love
her as their own, well its just all so special.
I call her every morning. Every morning,
I get this cheerful, happy, strong voice saying,
always like a question, always sounding like a very young woman.
You would never be able to tell that she is still 
in bed sleeping by the cheerfulness in her voice.
We are so blessed, my dear siblings, my dear family.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Points to ponder

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sully finds a new home

I often talk of my TES school family.
There are so many I still hold dear to my heart and 
keep in touch with. One of those families is the Albert's.
Faith, the momma is a teacher there and I met
Maggie when she was three years old and would come
to visit her Mommy at school. I watched her grow up until I left
and she transferred to the charter school.
We had a special bond as every day after school, Mags 
had to take off her shoes and I would chase her all around the old TES
to tickle her feet. She is a sweetheart.
her family is also special as they foster children who need a break
from their family life.
They are actually, right now in the process of adopting two of their
foster children to be their own. 
I have admired them since they first started fostering and if it would
be up to Faith, she would have a house full of children.
So now to the story. I had not seen the Alberts for  some time
but I followed them on Facebook as they did me.
One day BB posts how Bean is obsessed with Monsters INC.
the movie. Had to watch it every night and would not change
the movie any nights. She was acting out parts, singing the songs.
Maggie, who follows the Bean antics on facebook tells
her mother that she wants Bean to have sully.
 This is a big deal for more than one reason.
Mags loved Monsters Inc. also and bought this Sully on a trip
to Disney world. He held a place of honor in her room
and even though she has two new sisters, she
wanted her Sully to go to Bean.
How special is this? She sends me the above picture
telling me that Sully is ready to go live in a new home.
I am so touched by her unselfish giving of one of her own
special toys bought at Disney.
I go to pick it up one day last week and Mags is so 
excited and proud to hand him over. I tell her thank 
you so many times and she tells me that they all follow Bean
on facebook and my blog and her older sister, Kayla is
almost obsessed with Bean pictures and stories.
I think this is so special. The way that Bean can be
the one they love and follow on Facebook just swells my heart.
I ask her a few times is she sure, does she not want to give this 
special friend to one of her new sisters?
All she requests is pictures of Bean when the gift is given.
I can't wait to give it to her.
This is her face when she sees Sully.
 I know she can't yet understand just how special this sully is,
how a little girl gave up her prized possession just to make her happy.
Yet, one day, she will know, as I will continue to tell her the
story each time I see her with Sully which I know will be often.
She loved up on Sully a few times. 
Thanks Mags, for such a special gift to our most
special girl. Now, you two will be forever linked.
Maybe one day, we will pay it forward and as Bean gets older,
maybe we will pass Sully on to some other little child who falls
in love with the character on Monsters, Inc.
If this happens you can be assured that your story will
always be added to the gift giving.
You are one special young lady and I,
your "Nurse Lilly" will always, always hold you in 
a special place in my heart.
Love to all the Albert's.

Monday, January 28, 2013

love visits...

Over last week I have had company. 
The company took away from the quietness of the home,
I am grateful for this, love when company comes.
Above, my first visit was from Allison, known as Alli Cat.
The first night she was here, I am sure both our heads were 
spinning as we had so much to catch up on.
Neither of us shut up for a minute at a
I love bringing my visiting friends to my favorite spots here
in Plaquemine and Alli and I also were able to spend the
most beautiful day in Denham Springs.
I will forever be thankful for the meal she cooked for all of us.
Both BB and gypsy baby made it here for her awesome supper
and to visit. That does not happen often, that both
the kiddies can meet here and visit.
Gypsy baby even took the night off to come and visit and eat.
Kd, Bean, and Kelmiester also shared in the visit.
Thanks, Alli for getting my little family together.
Told her the only thing that could have made it better
was if her hubby, Bryan and HOBL had been here.
Another thing I need to thank Alli for,
she reminds all that we should be lucky for our spouse.
She is still a newlywed in the eyes of her speeches.
After many years of being a single momma, working three
jobs sometimes to care for her son, my godchild, has always
been admired by me. 
She was not in to handouts, would rather work hard to 
provide for him. Today, she deserves the husband she 
has been given who works hard, allows her to stay home
and spoil him rotten and that she does.
She reminded me of how I should be appreciative for me hubby.
She is forever saying,
"I am so lucky, I have the best husband"
"My husband is so good to me, I love spoiling him"
All her talk of her adoration for her hubby makes me
realize that I do not give my HOBL enough credit. 
He too, works hard so I can stay home instead of having to
work to take care of myself.
Her son, my godchild, Rick is a navy man,
having decided to make this his career, she is so prouf of him
as she should be, her parenting turned out a smart man
who serves our country.
I remind her that she has to take most of the credit for how he
turned out. I know what she went though, how hard she 
worked to provide for her son.
Now, he is grown and it is her turn to enjoy life and
a wonderful marriage. 
Vacations, he takes her on vacations, I don't think Alli 
has ever taken vacations the way this man gives her.
When Alli is here, we probably talk to much.... lol
It was quiet when she left here, even a little lonely but
it was okay because that very same afternoon...
This above young friend, known as Katie the neighbor,
came in to spend a night with me.
I call her Katie the neighbor ever since our KD became
a part of the Riera family.
Geeze, how I love, love, love this girl!
Katie the neighbor is one year older than gypsy baby
but she and I, are closer friends than she and gypsy baby ever was.
It is because we both enjoy crafting, making things and bargains.
It was a normal thing for Katie to walk over and scrap with me
any day of the week. She is one of the things I miss the most
about Lee Drive. WE used to call Katie the neighborhood watch.
She always pops in to check on neighbors, making sure all was well.
She and I text often, talk some and having a visit from her is
like having one of my own kiddies over to play.
No pressure in a Katie the neighbor visit.
My girl is getting married in July to her highschool love, Brent.
We have much of the same taste, love scrapping and crafting
so it is what we did while she was here, worked on
things for the wedding.
I am sure when people see us together, they probably think
she is my daughter but she really is a wonderful friend to me.
A young adult with an old soul, you can count on Katie for
anything. I mean, she is the one who went and stayed with
my Mommy until Rosie could get to Thibodaux so
Mommy would not be alone when she fell ill. She is awesome,
I know her parents are so proud of this child.
As for me, I love her, I consider her one of my favorite people
to hang out with. she and Meghan are my young friends who
love to play with me. Oh, what a great week it has been.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Oprah channel and a miracle

I am in the process of completing the reading of one
book out of many called
There are many new books right now written by many people,
some even by children, on their near death experience
who have claimed to have entered Heaven.
This book, however, had me intrigued.
I am happy to see him on Oprah the next chapter this morning.
Dr. Alexander is not only just a doctor but he is 
a neurosurgeon, dealing with the brain.
He knows how the brain works and was also an atheist prior to
his diagnosis and week coma because of meningitis.
Before his illness he believed that all near death stories from his
patients were a result of a brain function.
He explains the medical odds that his percent of surviving this
illness was 2 percent by the end of the week and 
his wife was told that if he did survive, he would never 
be cognitive again. However, here he is on Oprah 
explaining his story in clarity of a completely healed,
smart man that he was before.
Once he awakened and began to study his own
MRI's he realized that to have had his experience been brain based
the part of his brain that was dead would have had to be 
functioning for his story to have been brain based.
I am enjoying the interview with Oprah better than the book.
Not that the book is not awesome and has me even more
convinced of Heaven and God,
but that his writing is not the type I am used to.
Yet, this man, this atheist, has so much detail to his story,
proves to me, there is a God, there is a Heaven and
all of us should not give up our hard work on Earth to
get where we all want to go after this life has ended.

Friday, January 25, 2013

What a month...

For my South Lafourche class of 1981, it has been
some kind of month!
One of our classmates and a friend of mine,
Merian began a facebook page a while back meant
for all of us to keep up with the news of our classmates.
I am so thankful for her doing this as this month as been
one to stay in touch and to share love and support.
There was the loss of Billy's daughter
and the loss of T-George.
Another classmate, Linda buried her brother.
Then a few mornings ago, Lydia, another classmate
lost her mother in a car accident.
To go to our site and read all the supportive and kind things
shared there are wonderful. 
It's been a hard month for the class of 1981.
Yesterday I am reading the comment meant for Lydia
and one simple word from one hurting friend to another,
Billy begins his comment with the word, Mull....
and I get choked up. A simple word that all of my
classmates knows what it means,
short for Mulligan a name that was known to our whole class
as our class president, Lydia was called Mulligan.
This word typed on a facebook post reminded me of just 
how much comfort we all get from each other,
brought me back to a time many years ago.
That we share things that many others do not know what it means.
For Billy, who is having a hard time right now realizing 
his baby girl is gone, reaches out to Lydia shows love of
a class. Thanks to Merian to have started the wall,
thanks to all who share there, keep us all up to date with each other.
Another reason I am thankful for Facebook.
Prayers for "Mull" and all those who are suffering with
Love to the South Lafourche class of 1981.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

RIP T-George

Today a dear friend and classmate of 1981 will be laid to rest
in Golden Meadow, with the services in our childhood church
Our Lady of Prompt Succor church.
The very same church that he and I were baptized in,
made our communion and confirmation in.
Now he will take the last Catholic sacrament as he is buried.
In first grade I had two square dance partners at GMLE.
One was George Bouzigard. Because we square danced together,
I had a crush on him that year.
The small town of Golden Meadow had us going to school 
every day together, church on Sundays.
Our friendship was rekindled again thanks to Facebook.
A few years ago, he and my niece, Tiffany had a few dates
and us three got into a nightly habit of Facebook chatting.
It was fun, we joked, reminisced of old times.
I am thankful for these chats. This man, he was an honorable man.
He always, always, shared of his wonderful sons, he was so proud
of each of them and wanted to take no credit for the wonderful
men they were turning out to be. I reminded 
him often that they were who they were because 
of the wonderful dad he was.
He was one to actually scroll the list of people on facebook 
at the time and always, if I was on, he sent me some kind 
of message and we caught up.
Often, our chats were about the great meal he was cooking
because his boys were coming.
His sons will miss him, I will miss him.
May heaven be brighter, happier, because
T-George has walked through the doors.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lance Armstrong

I am not sure how I feel about the news of Lance Armstrong.
I watched and listened to most of his interview with
Oprah and of course, he was guilty.
Guilty of lying, guilty of doping, guilty to take
the awards given to him that was won while doping.
Yet, then I think of Livestrong, his cancer survival.
He survived a cancer that gave him only a 50% chance
for survival, through this, he began livestrong.
Every where you went you saw yellow bracelets
with the words livestrong and you knew by just
looking at it what it meant, what it stood for.
Millions of dollars were made to be donated
to finding cures for cancers, for research.
He did this, doping was not a part of this.
He not only survived the cancer,
but used his name and his popularity to
raise monies for families that suffered.
I don't feel like this should be taken away from him.
Yes, his medals, those he does not deserve but
we are all people that are multifaceted.
Should we be judged by bad decisions we have all made
to loose all the good we have done?
If I had been a terrible nurse, made bad decisions and lost my license,
should I be judged as  bad parent if  I was a wonderful mother.
Yes, I may loose my license but would I deserve
to loose my children? Nope, not fair!
Sure many will disagree with my thoughts here.
Livestrong, no matter what is taken from him,
will be linked to Lance Armstrong.
This is my opinion, of course.
Lilbit of my world...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Two important men.

Yesterday, as our country celebrated Martin Luther King holiday,
and most were given an extra day off of work, our first
black President took his second Oath of Office on inauguration day.
I don't know if it is ironic or it is always this way, but either
way,  I thought it was special that it was on the same day.
The above picture, for me, is beautiful.
No matter how you feel about the President,
he is our President and with that, for me, comes
respect. Last night on my way back from Mom's,
I listened to Siruis radio, first the inauguration and then Oprah channel
as she replayed her MLK show.
It is hard for me to believe that in my lifetime, as late as 1964,
blacks were still being mistreated, killed without investigation.
I hope that our Bean and her generation will never know 
segregation except for what they read in a history book.
May the world come together as one, 
I am thankful for MLK and what he did not only for our 
black people but what he did for all of us.

Monday, January 21, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things

Yesterday, Myself and the sisters, minus one,
met at the manor to declutter mom's apartment to make
room for a twin bed. As we spring cleaned, I found
her old standing sewing box that I have always loved as a
child and wanted as an adult.
The sisters and Mom told me to take it now as it was just gathering dust
and taking up room in a closet that we needed to store her wheelchair.
I was very excited. Funny how a material thing can bring back
fond memories of times past.
It is why I love vintage. Mom did not sew often but did
try and sew me a few things as a child. It usually consisted
on many try-ons and not only momma frustrated but me 
silently knowing I would never wear that!
Having this memory stays with me even this morning 
as I unload the dishwasher. I realize none of my dishes match.
I love this as it is so much more fun to find things that either
have a story, evoke a memory, or just makes me smile.
If you eat at my home, noting will match but if you want
the story to any dish, I probably have one for you.
I love each piece I buy, whether it was purchased at a garage sale,
on a sale rack or it was given to me, it will not match.
As I continue to unload the dishwasher, I wonder what memories
my Bean will have from her Mumsie's house. I serve most of 
her snacks in a little plastic pudding cup that has fancy swirls.
She can hold them and carry them all around the house without spilling.
I know she loves these cups because she goes to the drawer where
I keep them and waits for me to pull one out for her.
I lost my only surviving grandparent when I was 5.
She spoke only french and I have very few memories of her.
My favorite is when myself, C and Rosie would walk there
to get money to go to Dufrene's bakery or Choust drugstore for her.
Always, she gave us money for the purchases in a small black
coin purse. Would tell us in french, 
"Sa-Sue" or Nickel in french. She would give us each a nickel to 
buy a cookie or something we wanted.
My memory of her is a small black coin purse.
Also, growing up, there were many things in my home that
could bring up the best sentimental feelings ever.
When I search a antique store and I come across something
that sparks a memory in me, I get very excited.
Like when I found and was given this radio.
This week, friend, alli is coming spend a few days
and I am hoping this amazing weather continues as we are 
planning on a trip to Denim Springs, there I am in 
search for a round, blue milk glass sugar container
with a stainless steel top that opened separately on either
side and had a small opening for a spoon.
We shared breakfast with this little sugar bowl every morning.
I want on to bring those memories to my home.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fernando Botero

If you follow me on facebook and Instagram, then
you know my search for this painting ended with
 my friend, Dolly finding me one on ebay and ordering it.
Yet, my infatuation with this artist has not ended.
His name is Fernando Botero.
I am known for enjoying weird paintings that tell a story,
like the one of "SHAVON" that hangs in my breakfast nook.
I decided that the above painting will hang on one of the corner walls
over my jacuzzi tub and now I am in search for the other that
will live on the other corner wall.
As I search for the one for the other wall,
I have become in love with this artist' work.
I find that he has hundreds of pieces and yet the are all easy
to spot as his work because of the way he paints,
mostly heavy set people, more women than men.
Some of the women portraits or nude paintings.
I am having trouble deciding which goes on the other wall.
His artwork brings a sense of whimsical to my world.
I admire all of his works as I read of his life and realize that there
is not one of his paintings that I love more than the other.
Take a look at his awesome works, you will see what I mean.
Ugh, I do not need another collection....
Maybe one more reproduced painting and a picture book of his other
works will do the trick.
Either way, I am obsessed with my hunt.
Happy Sunday!

Friday, January 18, 2013


I follow a page on facebook called
I am not sure how I came across this page
but so glad I have, because, by following the Browns
I do believe I and all the others who follow and pray,
are being a true witness to a miracle.
The story behind their title is this,
Sean and Heather were married and while Sean
was serving our country in Afghanistan,
Heather suffered a stroke with a bleed to her brain.
She was 34 weeks pregnant for a sweet baby boy, John.
John was born via C-section as an emergency at the
same time the service began having his daddy come home.
He, Sean was the first Brown to return home.
The second Brown to return home was sweet John.
After a few weeks in the NICU, he was well enough
to come home.
Now, bringing home the last Brown, Heather has been the 
hardest struggle by far as she has remained in a comatose state
since her brain bleed. The physicians were not very optimistic
of her regaining any of her old self.
However, her hubby, Sean and all who love her have
a different outlook on this and are doing all in their power,
and praying to God for the powers they do not possess,
to have her awake to a full recovery.
Reading their posts, seeing pictures of baby John lying in 
his mothers arms, will have you routing for them.
Over the last month she has shown much improvement as 
she begins to open her eyes on command, follow some simple
movements when asked. 
This family is amazing with all they are doing to get a full recovery.
Pray for the Browns to all come home,
follow them if you are interested in watching a miracle take place.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

2013 for mommy

Lately, each time the phone rings, especially at night,
I get fearful to look at the caller ID as it's usually either
Mommy or the manor.
A few weeks ago she didn't feel well and since then there have
been three other incidents, all not serious, but 
requiring us to get to her and check.
Last night, the caller ID says, "Manor"
and I am really afraid to answer as it's not mommy calling herself.
Unfortunately, but thankfully not more serious,
she could not walk without pain after supper and
her ankle is swollen. They assure me it can wait until the 
morning and they wheeled her to her room, got her
ready for bed, tucked her in, gave her Tylenol.
I speak with Mommy and she does not remember falling 
or twisting ankle but says it only hurts to walk.
Insists that I do not go last night, her old Mommy ways come
back as she sternly tells me,
"Wait until tomorrow, the weather is too bad and you can't
do nothing tonight"
So this morning, I am about to head out to tend to her,
get her a doctors appointment then, probably going
to bring her here until she can move about safely on her own.
MY siblings and I, at Christmas talked about the fact
that we need to prepare her apartment for phase two of
her elderly life. Going to rearrange and put a twin bed for
sleeping instead of just the twin sleeper sofa she has.
I don't know why, but I have a feeling 2013 will have
us spending more evenings with her.
Prayers please that this is nothing more than
either a sprain or a minor case of gout.
That lady, such a trooper, called her this morning to tell her
the plans and she was like,
"Okay, well I'm sleeping so tell me when you get here"

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

This morning, as I do every morning, 
I gather my coffee, my computer, my phones and I 
go on Facebook. This morning, my cousin, Lauren
has posted pictures of her sweet Alyssa and her friends,
the one all the way to the right happens to be my very own, Malaina.
It seems that Lauren has taken them to see Justin Bieber in concert.
 The picture get better and better as she snaps away when
her little daughter and her friends see "The Bieber"
 Priceless memories are made on this night,
which happens to have been a school night and
I am so happy for all the girls, so happy that Lauren,
who also is a teacher, did something which is not a norm for her,
and brought the girls, on a school night, to a concert.
 I mean, look at this, look at Alyssa's face, look at Malaina
in the background. Everything good surrounds this memory.
I asked Lauren if I could share the pictures.
I also wanted to make a statement that the pictures seal as true.
Raising children is not always easy.
As the world changes, it gets even harder for parents.
There is technology, there are others always judging them.
Lauren, being a teacher may have thought long and hard before
buying these tickets worrying about school, the girls being tired the next day.
Yet, she did it, and she will never, never regret this.
I mean look at her beautiful girls face!
It is so important for parents to have rules and to enforce those rules.
Yet, it is also important sometimes, to break a rule or two 
to make these memories that forever will remain in these girls hearts.
Gyspy baby, she is 23 now. Yet, from the first year she started school,
I would take off work and she would play hooky from school on 
her birthday. It was against my normal, which was you go to school unless
you were dying. Each birthday, she would choose what the day would bring
and we would take an adventure.
Baby boy's birthday was during summer so there were a few days 
during his growing up years that I would just check him out of school to 
spend a day just he and I. One of those days was the year he was in 8th grade
and there was a dance. I thought he was too young for a dance at that age
but told him he could go if he wanted.
The night before, he explained that he really didn't want to ask a girl to
a dance, that he would rather just spend the night just he and I.
I was so touched by this, and knew that this would probably be 
the last year he felt this way about me
(I was right, by the way, about that)
so I took the afternoon off of work and surprisingly checked him
out of school. We went to New Orleans and ate out then saw a movie.
Yes, it was quality times and some of the best decisions I ever made
as a parent. Break the rules sometimes, and enjoy these moments.
You and they will never forget them.
Good job, Lauren!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

CREATE happened yesterday

I am soooo pleased to finally say...
Once I got in there, started organizing I came across
 two vintage frames gypsy baby found months ago and gave 
to me, that's all it took.
These frames, as beautiful as they are, really are plastic.
They were filled with a burlap back and tacky dried flowers.
The bubble glass was actually plastic and one was ruined.
I began to take them apart and as I did, my excitement grew
and I thought over and over,
"Thank you, gypsy, thank you, gypsy!"
At first I thought I would paint these frames but once they
were apart from the other pieces and I saw the fine details of
each, I just could not paint them. Once I rinsed all the dust off 
of them, all the different shades of the wood color came to
life and I was in love.
 When the dried flowers came out, I saw the beautiful 
worn down burlap that was used as the background.
I decided to leave that.
If you look closely at the first picture, you will see the orange
hand with a face and there are two tags that were stickers.
This was Bean's first art project, done in July in the scrap room.
I knew I wanted to do something with it besides just having 
it taped to the wall, which is where it was.
I placed it in the middle of the burlap and started building
around it. I wrote on one tag, some of her favorite things to do
and say right now. Once I was finished, I placed the one 
bubble plastic/glass over this one.
I loved the way it came out. 
With the second frame, I knew I would not be able to use the
bubble glass/plastic on this one so I could add bulky things to it.
I have a wall in my home called the family wall
where I have scrapped many different things and placed them
randomly under a hanging that says,
"All because two people fell in love"
I know tacky, right? the boys laughed at it when they saw 
the sign but they secretly are happy their pictures are found under the sign. lol
Anyhow, on this wall, I have pictures of the family all as children and then
as grown up ending with a picture of our bean, each created not just framed.
I tell everyone the only thing missing was a wedding pic of BB and KD.
The second frame was going to perfect for this.
At first, was going to just put one picture of BB and Kd at
the wedding but as I went through all their wedding pictures
I realized that the union did not just happen between those two
but welded Kd into the whole family.
I chose a few that told that story for me.
The top flower is from gypsy baby's flowers from the wedding.
The piece of broken china is also special to me.
After my last surgery, my special friends,
the Degruise's ( Emily, Elise, Patricia and Blair)
gave me home grown flowers in this beautiful coffee cup and saucer.
I accidentally broke the cup and was so sad about it that
I saved the pieces, knowing I just had to use them on a project
somewhere so as never to forget this beautiful family.
This was a perfect place to use it as a mock flower vase.
We love a good game of scrabble, even though we rarely play anymore
but spelling Riera with them brings back those memories also.
There is only one thing missing that will be added,
the beautiful broach that was on gypsy's dress from the wedding.
Both of these pieces will be soon placed on my family wall.
I am happy to say, that my creative juices are flowing once again.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Heaven, such an interesting topic...

I love the girls I teach religion to.
They are 10th graders that are all so smart, 
so good, each with a very different personality
and yet we have bonded as a group.
We had not been together since before the holidays
and with the bad weather yesterday, I wondered to myself,
why would I sign up to do this when, on an evening like that,
I could put on my pjs and watch a movie with the HOBL.
Then I get there, see all my girls also coming out in the weather
to be at religion and it all makes sense to me again.
Our small group lessons, when we meet just myself and
the girls with my helper, Meranda, we get into some deep conversations.
Yesterday the lesson is on Grace and justification.
These girls always surprise me on the way they share their
beliefs and doubts. They, like so many other teens and young adults,
struggle with this world and the cruelty in it as well as Heaven,
what is it? Last night the topic strays to that very thing, Heaven.
They believe in God, they believe in the goodness of Him
but they like us adults wants concrete evidence that there is 
a life after death, they want to know there is a reason for all
of this praying, living a good clean life.
I share with them that even us adults, get frightened sometimes when
thinking about what happens after Earth.
When I ask them the question,
"When you think of the word holiness who do you think of"
all of them say their grandparents.
They proudly speak of how long most of them have been married,
how they go to church weekly, live and breath God.
We discuss why it's in older people we see holiness.
It is because they have lived a life, made their mistakes before
any of these kids could remember and have found their way with their
God, their faith has gotten stronger because they have had life 
experiences that have brought them there.
I reassure my girlies that those same people have gone through the
trials of life and fears of death prior to getting where they are now.
That grace, that faith, we all can and probably will have it one day
if we continue to work on it.
I explain that  we all can find that holiness, that faith,
to assure ourselves a spot in Heaven.
Then we begin to discuss Heaven. It's scary for them to think that maybe
there is no such place and we once again talk of the phrase,
They like this saying from the first time I shared it with them.
We also discuss a book I am reading right now,
a neurosurgeon, Dr. Eben Alexander
writes of his illness that caused him to have a view of Heaven,
turning an atheist physician to believe and write of the God he
now loves. My girls are  interested in reading this.
They, like all of us, are searching for the faith they want,
to know that once their life here is done, they will be rewarded 
with a place called Heaven. 
I love my girls....

Friday, January 11, 2013

Today, no excuses..

I am having none of my excuses today to go into my
scraproom and play. I seem to have a block in my creativity
which makes it just a tad bit hard to follow through
with my ONE WORD challenge.
Yes, my friend reminds me that even though I am not 
using my hands to create, I am still creating... memories.
Yet, I want to find my passion again in my creative world.
I look at things others are doing and I get this overwhelmed feeling
which is different for me as before I loved a challenge, taking
someone else's idea and turning into something of my own liking.
I decided today, that to start me going, I am going to just
make bunches of cards.
Going to use all those special things I don't do anymore
like embossing, glittering, stickling...
I have a list of people I want to send some mail love to 
and have yet to have done it.
Today is the day, today is the best day, today
is the best day of my life...

Thursday, January 10, 2013

A book Review

I read this book in two days, yep, two days.
A true story of a smart, 24 year old girl newly college graduate
who had began a job with a prestigious newspaper
finds herself, within days having delirious thoughts.
This began a month long hospital stay with many 
diagnosis of mental illness.
Bipolar illness and schizophrenia were two of
the diagnosis labeled to her as her family and loved ones
watch her go through psychosis, catatonia
and heading towards death.
Her parents refused to give up on her and fought
for better treatment, better testing insisting this illness
was not mental disease. Finally a doctor comes into the picture
and asks for permission for a brain biopsy.
There he finds her diagnosis which is not mental but
a very serious inflammation of the brain, a newly discovered
autoimmune disorder that, had it been left untreated would
have either caused death or a lifetime of mental institutions.
Cahalan writes the book herself and puts the puzzle pieces together
of her month of insanity by reading notes from hospital charts
as well as writings her father kept through his long days
supporting her at her bedside. Also, she depended on the memory 
of her mother, boyfriend and friends as she had very vague memories
of the whole month. Amazing what a family can do when they refuse to give
up, fight for more testing, to be heard.
This book had me wondering exactly how many others are in 
jail, in psychiatric hospitals or dead because of misdiagnosis.
It also has me thinking of the shootings at Sandy Hook and other
tragedies over the world, how many of these are actually physically ill
causing their mental handicapped symptoms.
If you enjoy true stories of medical incidents, this is a must read book.
Such an interesting story. 

Monday, January 7, 2013


I know, my ONE LITTLE WORD for 2013 is
and I have not created one thing yet....
it is already day 7 and...NOtta...
Have to take out the camera more, have to commit to posting
creativity here, so I have something to answer to.
However, although I have not actually created, I have been 
reading, reading books on finding my creativity again,
matter of fact, HOBL and I, laid low yesterday and did absolutely nothing
but watch tv and I read... Gee a day like that every once in a while is 
needed. Of, course, we rested so much yesterday that we couldn't sleep last night,
I like waking up early though so all is good.
Today, hoping Bean can come with me for a quick visit to the Mommee.
Bean was a little under the weather yesterday so hoping she feels
well enough to come with me. 
When I get home, going to force myself to go into my scraproom and
do some creating, don't matter what it is, just have to start the 
creative juices flowing....
Today all my school friends and kiddies return...
Sometimes, I miss having a school to go to following a holiday
but changing that attitude also.
How fortunate I am to have been able to retire at and early age
giving me so much time for those things that the working class
can mostly just dream about. 
Need to create., need to create, need to create...
First, a visit to sweet Mommee!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Love quotes

I love Instagram, for more than one reason but one in
particular, is the sharing of wonderful quotes, words of wisdom
that friends post.
Anchorpeace, ala Lauren Thompson,
is one of those little girls that I watched grow up in
the wonderful neighborhood of Tarpon Heights.
As an adult, I admire her posts on Instagram.
Last week, she posts this beauty and gave me permission to share,
It has now become one of my very favorite quotes,
I thank sweet, Lauren for sharing.
She is an English lover, teaches high school English
and any child who is fortunate to have a teacher such as this,
should consider themselves blessed.
Thanks, Anchorpeace for sharing as you do,
not only on Instagram but in life.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Iberville parish an A plus

Since moving here to Iberville parish, I have been 
pleasantly surprised on all they do for us.
My whole life I have only lived in Lafourche parish so
I have nothing else to compare it to but they
do things for us that I never had done in Lafourche Parish.
Every few months there is something on our front door 
handle from the parish.
One time is was a magnet with emergency numbers,
another time a kitchen gadget.
I have received phone calls to explain the garbage pick up
during holidays  so you know exactly when your trash will be picked up.
I have had phone calls about bad weather and tornado watches.
Last night, however, I was not prepared for just how serious they
take their jobs to keep this little town safe.
HOBL was so tired from the travels back from Alaska so we
were in bed early. I have gotten used to sleeping with the wall 
of window blinds in my bedroom open.
I woke up around 1 am sure I had heard the door bell ring.
I asked HOBL If he heard it and he said no that I must 
have been dreaming but i knew it was the doorbell but
just figured maybe he was right.
I tried to go back to sleep but within minutes there is 
a man in our backyard shining a flashlight right in our bedroom windows.
HOBL jumps out the bed, just in his underwear,
"HEY, HEY, what you doing"
We hear the words, "POLICE"
 I freaked, scrambled to find my robe to get to the front door,
as HOBL searched for his pants.
I run to the front door to open to two cop cars and three
police men. They inform us that someone from this address had
called 911. It was not enough to tell them it was just us two and
we had been sleeping. They came in to make sure we were really okay.
As I think of this, I am impressed with the fact that they just had to 
come in and make sure we weren't being held hostage or anything.
Once they called back to the office and checked our number with the call
that came in, they apologized for having the wrong home.
I could have been upset for the scare as the first thing a momma thinks
when police are at their house at that time is something happened to
a family member. I almost died in the seconds it took to get to the door 
to find out they were not there to tell me one of my children were in an
accident or bad news.
Instead, I was impressed, Then I turn to see HOBL, 
wrapped around his waist, a blanket and nothing else.
He could not find his pants. This still cracks me up,
Three policemen in my home, making sure we okay and my
dear HOBL wrapped in a blanket explaining he could not find
his pants. Everytime I think of the story I chuckle with the image of it.
I am so glad I was not alone. Not sure how that would have been,
a man in my backyard with a flashlight...
Probably was not the smartest way to search a home as someone
else may have shot someone in their backyard like this.
They did say who they were right away but they could have been anybody.
All in all, it was nice to know they were taking care of us as we sleep.
Koodo's to Iberville parish and the 911 system
as well as the police department.